July 31, 2012

Good IT architecture means knowing when to take control
Last week's Advice Line took the position that ETAM (enterprise technical architecture management) is a regulatory function, and that this is a good thing. Regulation is, in other words, what businesses call compliance, and IT calls enforcing standards. While it might not be obvious, ETAM-as-regulator and decentralized ETAM are one and the same.

Multi-Language Big Data and the Role of Linguistic Technology: A Spotlight Q&A with Jonathan Litchman of SAIC
This BeyeNETWORK spotlight features Ron Powell's interview with Jonathan Litchman, SAIC Senior Vice President. Ron and Jonathan discuss how governments and enterprises throughout the world are increasingly challenged by big data the need to understand and communicate with other cultures and other languages.

How to use big data to transform your company
We’re being propelled into the era of “big data.” Organizations are getting the kind of insight into their businesses, customers, and employees at levels that were unimaginable in the past. But they’re also running head first into tough new challenges.

Yahoo unveils version 3.0 of its IntoNow social TV app
The latest version of Yahoo’s social TV app lets users caption and share still images from shows, and it IDs music being played in broadcasts, even if the tune isn’t performed by the original artists.

Should Cloud and Mobility Alter Your Approach to EA?
Do traditional technology adoption model like “Technology Adoption Lifecycle” formulated by Everett Rogers & Geoffrey Moore or the “Hype-Cycle” formulated by Gartner reflect the current reality?

Health Infrastructure NSW pushes for digital hospitals
Speaking at the Digital Hospital Design conference in Sydney yesterday, Rust said that the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) when building hospitals and other medical facilities will be instrumental in creating better healthcare facilities.

Optus launches 4G in Sydney, Perth
Optus has today launched long-term evolution (LTE) services in Sydney and Perth for business customers, following the completion of upgrades to its 3G network in those areas.

India biz laud govt's IT tax review
The Indian government's move to review tax laws of the sector has been welcomed by local IT companies, saying it will give more clarity in taxation and make India an investment-friendly center.

XenServer Performance and Scalabilitiy Tuning
When more than 65 machines were loaded on a single XenApp host, it has been noticed that the dom0 was at capacity and the PVS driver showed poor throughput of 4MB/s or less. Once 65 VMs were loaded, the user experience dropped dramatically. This scenario is explained in an article on the Citrix Blogs.

This Emotional Attachment Will Destroy Your Business!
An emotional attachment is a desire for something or someone, and the inability to release or do without that thing or person. We tend to think about this when it comes to relationships, but have you ever thought about whether you are emotionally attached to say ….a line item on your P&L?

New Programming Jargon
Here are the top 30 Stack Overflow New Programming Jargon entries below, as judged by the Stack Overflow community

Quote for the day:
"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work superbly well." ~ William Osler


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