July 27, 2012

Will Enterprise Architecture Ever “Cross the Chasm?”
While the field has grown, the proliferation of voices, methods, frameworks, and generally inconsistent advice in the field of EA has also grown. The number of “EA Frameworks” has grown to include a wide array of overlapping bodies of work.

OAuth 2.0 and the Road to Hell
... Our standards making process is broken beyond repair. This outcome is the direct result of the nature of the IETF, and the particular personalities overseeing this work. To be clear, these are not bad or incompetent individuals. On the contrary – they are all very capable, bright, and otherwise pleasant. But most of them show up to serve their corporate overlords, and it’s practically impossible for the rest of us to compete. ...

Payment terminal flaws shown at Black Hat
Criminals can also leverage these vulnerabilities to trick store clerks into thinking that a transaction was authorized by the bank when in fact it wasn't, allowing them to buy things without actually paying.

Avoid These 6 Recipes for Business Disaster
Why would anyone want to know the formula for failure? Because you may be blind to the fact you are already following it, at least in part. And if you know the ingredients to avoid, you'll save your business before it's too late.

4 Reasons Why IT Matters More Than Ever
The argument that IT no longer matters has resurfaced. In this age of consumerization, BYOD and the cloud, IT departments are, in fact, vital to any business, able to create value and sort the wheat from the chaff as stakeholders eye new investments or money-saving ideas.

Lithium-Air Batteries Get a Recharge
Lithium-air batteries work, at least in theory, by exposing a lithium anode to an electrolyte that grabs its positively charged lithium ions and drives them toward the cathode, made of a different, porous material that allows oxygen from the air to form the crucial lithium peroxide.

LaCie 2Big NAS offers 6TB of network storage
If you think that LaCies latest network attached storage product, the 2Big NAS, looks like something youve seen before, youre right. But beneath the familiar appearance (the basic design of the 2Big has been around since 2007), there are a number of differences under the hood.

How To Be A Horrible Leader – 50 Bad Leadership Traits
Of course this is done in the hope that one can avoid the ill effects on an organization from any of bad leadership behaviors. We cannot all be perfect, but all it takes is a few of these in the right combination to kill moral and create a horribly run organization.

Losing Can Be Useful, If You Learn To Get Good At It
Successful entrepreneurs are crazy risk-takers, right? Not so much. The best know precisely how much they can lose--and what they can gain from the process.

Microsoft announces finalists for startup accelerator programme in India
Microsoft has unveiled the names of the 11 tech startups that will be incubated at the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure in Bangalore. The program was announced in May this year and received more than 200 applications from startups.

Enterprise & IT Architecture Global Excellence Awards 2012
Check out the nominees to the various categories of Enterprise & IT Architecture Globa Excellence awards 2012 for the year 2012 instituted by iCMG and hope to have the winners published out there soon.

Quote for the day:

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." -- Auguste Rodin


  1. The blog titled "Will Enterprise Architecture Ever "Cross the Chasm" was a good read. It is very true that even though there are increasing evidences of EA function is effectively used to the business advantage, there are many organizations, which are still very reluctant to rely on EA. At the same time, it is also to be noted that many organizations do employ the principles of EA, though the there is not a department or role with the tag of EA.

  2. Rahul,

    Glad that you liked that link. I also suggest you to check out my own blog posts and most of them have relevance to EA. Keep reading and giving feedbacks, which might be useful to other readers as well.