July 24, 2012

ASP.NET - Password Strength Indicator using jQuery and XML
ASP.NET Password Strength Indicator somewhat similar to AJAX PasswordStrength extender control behavior and implemented by using jQuery and XML.

Flexibility: A Foundation for Responsive Design
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year or so, you know that responsive Web design is one of the biggest trends these days. Introduced by Ethan Marcotte, the concept is simple: develop a site using methods that enable it to adapt and respond to different devices and resolutions.

Why does the IT industry continue to listen to Gartner?
Another day, another provocative research report from Gartner, which has a long track record of spectacularly wrong predictions. I've collected some of their greatest hits. Er, misses.

After Infy, TCS, Cognizant in fray to buy Lodestone
TCS and Cognizant have joined Infosys in the race to take over Swiss firm Lodestone Management Consultants, a management and technology consulting firm.

Samsung adopts Windows Azure for Smart TV cloud structures
Samsung announced on Monday its decision to use Windows Azure technology to manage the Smart TV system through cloud-based technology. The company cited a reduction in costs, increased productivity and a flexible, scalable model which can be expanded to meet its growing customer base.

Harley-Davidson deal win spurs Infosys to open new US delivery centre
Outsourcer Infosys has decided to open a delivery centre in Milwaukee, after it won a five-year deal with motorbike maker Harley-Davidson to supply tech services such as applications management

Facebook's Zuckerberg wins privacy patent, 6 years on
The patent, number 8,225,376, was first applied for on July 25, 2006. Zuckerberg and Facebook's former chief privacy officer Chris Kelly are credited as inventors for the patent, which is titled "Dynamically generating a privacy summary."

Microsoft's Lync: Unified Communications Made Easy
Microsoft Lync offers Instant, Messaging Audio/Video Conferencing and Telephony Services, making it the complete unified communications tool SMEs need, says Microsoft's Sukhvinder Ahuja

How to Handle Relational Data in a Distributed Cache
Although distributed caching is great, one challenge it presents is how to cache relational data that has various relationships between data elements. This is because a distributed cache provides you a simple, Hashtable-like (key, value) interface ...

Robert's Rules: The Four Commitments
Here are Robert Thompson's four leadership traits rather commitments.

Quote for the day:

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."  -- Albert Einstein


  1. I have been on the look out to manage relational data over distributed clusters and the link you shared on the topic gave me some pointers and thanks for sharing this.

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