July 04, 2012

Researchers find new malware in Android Ice Cream Sandwich
A research team at North Carolina State University led by Professor Xuxian Jiang recently announced that a security flaw in Android Version 4.0.4 and below could exploited by a rootkit with relative ease, according to an official university research blog post.

Conflict Keeps Teams at the Top of Their Game
Teams composed of high-performing individuals are naturally subject to contradictory tensions, like cooperation and rivalry, trust and vigilance. These tensions should not be managed away — they are productive and can help teams perform better.

Driverless cars move closer in California
Driverless vehicles would be required to have a licensed driver behind the wheel and be ready to take over should a problem arise.

MySQL - Email Job Failures Report to DBA using PowerShell
There are three prominent weaknesses in MySQL Events as they currently exist. One is that they have no access to the host operating system. As a result, they cannot write files, run applications, or send out an email when something goes wrong. ...

3 Tips to Help SMBs Understand Data Recovery
 Here are a few pointers for SMBs on what to do if they ever find themselves stuck with a dead hard drive or external storage drive.

Motivate Employees: 4 Techniques to Try
Saying hell to people is not the same as knowing them. It is a matter of knowing their likes and dislikes, and most importantly what gets them up in the morning.

Do Less - Why managers should stop micromanaging and trust their employees
“By doing less and less,” he adds, “you will have time to plan for the future.” Murnighan sums up his advice in what he calls his leadership law. “Think of the reactions you want first, then determine the actions that you should take to achieve them.”

Enterprise Architecture politics and their roots
The EA thinking is strategic in nature, a long term transformation accepted because of its strategy promise. But it may become a lip service alone, with its execution ever postponed so that the enterprise could cope with the never ending tactical crises.

Agile Enterprise Architecture eBook Available from MEGA
MEGA, noted industry leader in enterprise architecture (EA) has issued an eBook, 5 Keys to Agile EA, to help organizations develop and deploy an efficient, effective, and economical EA program. Using Agile EA adapted to a company’s specific environment and priorities can accelerate the EA program’s return on investment.

EA Case studies
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a high level, strategic technique designed to help senior managers achieve business and organisational change (TechWatch 2009). The following case studies were funded by the JISC Flexible Service Delivery programme and helped to shape guidance on Enterprise Architecture (EA) which is available as part of the 'Improving Organisational Efficiency' infoKit.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."  -- John D. Rockefeller

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