July 18, 2012

The impact of software complexity on cost and quality across project type –An aggregation of empirical evidences
Although manystudies investigate the relationship between designcomplexity and cost and quality, it is unclear what wehave learned from these studies, because no systematicsynthesis exists to date. This paper presented asystematic review on the influence of softwarecomplexity metrics on quality attributes.

From Annoyance to Harmonizer: Cloud Computing's Maturity Curve
What happens in many cases is new silos are created, and IT managers have difficulties bringing these applications and data together. Data integration is a problem cited by 67%, and 39% have issues in locating where the data may reside.

Chip and PIN, contactless coming for EFTPOS
Chip and PIN and contactless payment options are on their way for EFTPOS, with the company in the process of revamping its technology

Customer discovery
The riskiest thing a company can do is make something no one wants. So “get outside the building.” It costs $0.

20 awesome office gadgets and must-haves
With these gadgets and must-haves, you'll have everyone in the office wondering how so much win could possibly come from one person! Be the awesome you want your office to be.

IRD goes it alone on enterprise architecture
A project is under way to develop a Government Enterprise Architecture for New Zealand (GEA-NZ), as part of the Directions and Priorities policy in government ICT

Mobile voice falls for the first time - but text is booming
The telecoms regulator has recorded the first-ever drop in mobile voice-call volumes, which it says is down to soaring use of SMS and social networking - especially among the younger crowd

zSpace: A Real Holographic Display Worthy Of Iron Man
... I spent about an hour playing with a system called zSpace, a new display by Infinite Z that makes these sorts of Iron Man interactions a reality. And while I walked into the meeting a skeptic, I walked out realizing that these holographic interfaces aren’t just the future; if you have $6,000 to purchase your own, they’re today...

Good Managers Lead Through a Team
"Manage your team" might seem clear and straightforward. Yet when we talk about it, we often find it's not an intuitive concept for many managers and for some it even cuts against the grain of what they think they should do as bosses.

How To Turn A Nasty Surprise Into The Next Disruptive Idea
... Most companies view surprises as things to be avoided. Even positive surprises like Canon’s are considered fortunate anomalies, far from being the cornerstone of any real strategy. ...

Quote for the day:

"Our greatest battles are that with our own minds." - Jameson Frank

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