July 05, 2012

Independence Isn’t Freedom
Independence isn’t freedom, or at least it’s not freedom from everything. Independence is the acceptance of a lot of responsibilities.

ACTA rejected by Europe, leaving copyright treaty near dead
The European Parliament has voted not to ratify the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, meaning the contentious copyright crackdown agreement cannot come into force in the EU

Evaluating the safety of the cloud
Cloud computing, as it becomes part and parcel of modern day business, consumer worries have surfaced over cloud computing. And, for some, these centre around its safety and reliability. So just how safe is the Cloud?

The state of Hadoop: Strong and poised to explode
As with any new technology, the big question surrounding Hadoop as a viable market is whether enterprises will adopt it. The answer seems to be a resounding “Yes.”

Cars should automatically call for help after crashes, EU says
By 2015, the European Parliament wants all new cars to automatically alert emergency services in case of a crash, a service known as eCall. The Parliament adopted a resolution to this effect in a show of hands on Tuesday, and urged the European Commission to make eCall law.

Win/Win Negotiating - How to Speak Assertively
Be confident without being "cocky". The best solutions come out of problems. It means both sides are passionate and want the best for the company. But in order to communicate effectively you must show confidence in yourself and your ideas.

Cloud Computing an Important Government Agenda: Kapil Sibal
In a bid towards building a progressive ecosystem for cloud services in India, the government is willing to collaborate with the industry and academia. This was stated by Shri Kapil Sibal, the Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology while inaugurating the Cloud Summit 2012 here today.

IT skills crisis? How coding and cool can crack it
The IT skills crisis is less to do with the quantity of candidates and more to do with the quality of their skills. That was the conclusion of a recent TechRepublic CIO Jury analysis, which highlighted how IT leaders are concerned about the lack of young candidates with an aptitude for technology.

Confronting the Pain of Innovation
Every organization I've observed that's serious about being innovative is filled with people in genuine pain — not just stress or anxiety or deadline pressure, and certainly not discomfort. Pain. This can be the physical strain of consecutive all-nighters to test every meaningful configuration of a website before it goes live, to the emotional pain of subordinating your vision of the innovation to the vicissitudes of customer taste.

Happy Leadership Interdependence!
Leading with interdependence means two or more people or things are mutually dependent upon each other. Interdependent leaders are stronger than independent ones because of the relationships built and maintained.

"If we do not learn to live together as friends, we will die apart as fools." - Martin Luther King


  1. Thanks for the cloud link...I am always reading about it so I know what I have to refute (people are just afraid of change!)

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