July 08, 2012

So what's the difference between a Custom Control and User Control?
Someone asked why should one use a Custom Control instead of a User Control? Hence, let's extend the series and discuss about that. I apologize for the delay of this post. I should have explained this at the start of the series, but actually my goal was to explain to you how to create and use a Custom Control in Silverlight. ...

Australia builds 100 petabyte storage cloud
These are the first of eight to ten nodes intended to underpin the national storage network, which by 2014 will offer Australian researchers access to around 100 petabytes of data collections.

Intel/McAfee: What's the Future of Security?
A lot of the advanced persistent threats [APTs] test the ability to detect them. When you sit above the operating system, the visibility is limited. But in Intel's chipset, you can detect malware and APTs in a different way. The first product we'll be coming out with is rootkit detection, at the end of the calendar year.

Nine Things Cloud ISVs Should Do Next
Different ISVs are in different business situations with respect to fully exploiting the cloud benefits. Based on observations so far, here are nine things ISVs can look at doing next.

Overhauling a UI Without Upsetting Current Users
The risks associated with not updating a UI outweigh those associated with an update. But a successful redesign absolutely requires the right product management and UX techniques to evolve the product carefully and avoid a user revolt.

The 5 traits of radically successful people
Success can come in different fields, but the principles behind it are one. From Sugar Ray Leonard chasing the school bus to Peter Guber’s corkboard, these stories show the unique personality traits that tipped the scales in favor of the world’s most successful people.

Twitter is a Corporate API
A lot has been written in the last week about Twitter's API and developer concerns that it would soon be closed to apps that are platform-specific clients. The discussion was started by a post by a Twitter manager, Michael Sippey, who was also one of the earliest bloggers.

Docomo, Omron Healthcare launch connected health venture in Japan
The venture also promises an unspecified “wide range of services to meet the needs of all lifestyles and the various stages of life by cooperating with various content providers, including companies in health-related fields,” according to a press release.

Quote for the day:
Delegation requires the willingness to pay for short term failures in order to gain long term competency. ~Dave Ramsey


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