July 22, 2012

HostGee Innovates Cloud Hosting with Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia
Designed to give users the power they need rapidly, Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia combines convenient control panels, a strong infrastructure and frequently used features, like firewalls and load balancers – all at a fraction of the cost of other services.

VMware Clusters – Scale up or out?
Is is it better to Scale up or out? The answer is of course, it depends. First lets define the two terms. Put simply, Scale Up is having larger hosts, and less of them. Scale Out is having more smaller hosts.

Power Pwn: This DARPA-funded power strip will hack your network
The Power Pwn may look like a power strip, but it's actually a DARPA-funded hacking tool for launching remotely-activated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet attacks. If you see one around the office, make sure to ask if it's supposed to be there.

Big Data: The Coming Sensor Data Driven Productivity Revolution
... “Boeing jet engines can produce 10 terabytes of operational information for every 30 minutes they turn. A four engine jumbo jet can create 640 terabytes of data on just one Atlantic crossing ...

Act Bigger than You Are
 Not bigger in the bad sense, with the arrogance and complacency that has made some banks, for example, feel they are above the rules. But bigger in terms of having the confidence to propel growth and set courageous goals.

Whitepaper archive for Business Analysts
Here is a collection of Whilte paper archives published by DEA, which would be useful for those handling the Business Analysis functions.

Which EA tools? – and why?
Question about EA Tools… What tools do you use to help you with EA tasks and why? What do you perceive their Pros and Cons to be?

Top 20+ change management mistakes to avoid
Driving and managing change will remain the number one priority for leaders according to a recently published study. But the reality is that most change efforts fail. Many of these failures can be traced to these common mistakes:

Enterprise Spring Best Practices – Part 2 – Application Architecture
This blog presents a look at the overall application components and architecture.

Quote for the day:
"Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues: always insist on it in your subordinates." ~Don Marquis

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