July 10, 2012

Design Your Company, Not Your Product
There's a new wave of entrepreneurs who believe the real key to long-term success comes from focusing on designing the company--not the product. That means establishing a solid company philosophy, fostering cooperation and friendliness among the staff ...

MData – Using interfaces as domain model
In MData, all entities in the domain are defined as interfaces. This means MData uses the ‘POCO principle’ by default. The advantage here is that the implementation of the actual properties/logic can be different in different layers of the domain.

Windows Server 2012 Release Preview: Compelling new features
Much easier DirectAccess deployment and a full-scale dynamic access control system are among the key benefits.

Information Technology Spending to Hit $3.6 Trillion in 2012, Report Says
Spending on public cloud services is expected to increase 20 percent, to $109 billion, from $91 billion in 2011. By 2016, Gartner said, this expenditure could nearly double, to $207 billion.

What a pitcher!’ How to turn failure into future success
So what is the purpose of failure? How can I learn from failure, instead of being wounded by it? And most importantly, what can I do about that yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach left behind by the failed pitch?

Venkat Subramaniam Thinks Functionally
In this .NET Rocks podcast, Venkat digs into the idea that functional programming is less about language and more about practice, exploring how C# can build functional code just as well as F#. The conversation also drills into the advantages of functional programming for parallelism ...

The Evolution of Targeted Attacks in a Web 3.0 World
Web 3.0 is the next stage of the internet. An internet for the machines where everything with an electric current running through it has an IP address and is communicating with other machines like it, without the need for human intervention. The machines will get to a point approaching artificial intelligence where they will learn about your likes, dislikes and needs, locations and associations and organize and present information to you from the web.

Feeling Blah About Work? Don't Blame Your Boss--Get Engaged
Show us a disengaged person, and we will show you lackluster performance, limited personal growth, and diminished rewards. Show us an engaged person, and it's just the opposite--high performance, accelerated personal growth, and inevitable success.

Level 3 London datacentre outage takes more than 50 businesses offline
A power failure in a Level 3 central London datacentre has knocked customers offline, including colocation provider Adapt

Big-data analytics – where next?
Companies that are able to effectively leverage big data will benefit from massive competitive advantages ... most are still struggling with collecting, analysing and interpreting traditional data, let alone big data ... Tesco was able to turn the data it collected into customer knowledge it could act on.

Quote of the day

"Data matures like wine, applications like fish" -- Andy Todd


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