July 09, 2012

Cell carriers see dramatic increase in surveillance requests
Wireless carriers say they received 1.3 million requests last year from law enforcement agencies for subscriber text messages, caller locations, and other information, reflecting a steady increase during the past five years

Finnish startup breathes new life into MeeGo
Jussi Hurmola, CEO of Jolla, said: "Nokia created something wonderful--the world's best smartphone product. It deserves to be continued, and we will do that together with all the bright and gifted people contributing to the MeeGo success story."

Thailand forms alliance to boost cloud development
The local daily said the alliance would be a channel for software vendors to host their software and applications. It will also help push the adoption of cloud services by the government and education sectors.

How to set up and use Google Docs offline
Google Drive now lets you access and edit documents when not connected to the Internet. See how to set up and use this new and useful feature.

The Company Chaos You Don't Know You're Creating
By reducing the organizational chaos that is completely within your control, you not only establish a solid foundation on which excellence can be built, but you also free up the psychic energy and resources you need to cope with the truly unforeseen circumstances that businesses must navigate from time to time.

6 Tips for Making It Work as a Part-Time Entrepreneur
While not ideal for every young trep -- jumping head first into the start-up pool can be a preferred route -- getting the business up and running before letting go of a regular paycheck may be the best course. Here are six ways to make the transition into entrepreneurship a smooth one:

User flows in web design
Creating user flows is a useful way to map how users may interact with your site or app. User flows have long been used in web design for figuring out information architecture and site structure. They are also useful for figuring out the purchase journey of an e-commerce platform.

Study of the Day: Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity
Instead of burying oneself in a quiet room trying to figure out a solution, walking out of one's comfort zone and getting into a relatively noisy environment may trigger the brain to think abstractly, and thus generate creative ideas.

The Content Conundrum: To Create Or Automate?
When it comes to content creation--even in short bits and blasts on Twitter---the human touch is what will keep marketers relevant and real. A look at J.Crew, Wegmans, NASCAR, and other brands that are getting it right.

Big Data Doesn’t Have to Cost Big Money
... a key cost factor is scalability — the ability to start at an affordable entry point and grow from there. To some degree, scalability leads to flexibility to spend budgetary resources on projects over time, as opposed to large amounts up front...

Fun with continued fractions
Continued fractions are of great importance in many aspects, as they have many implementations for real problems where you want to describe something with an approximate fraction, or you simply want to replace a decimal or double number with a fraction.

Quote for the day
"I've learned that mistakes can often be as good a teacher as success." — Jack Welch


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