July 28, 2012

GPS accuracy to improve in EU with new augmentation service
EGNOS, a system providing data that makes GPS readings even more accurate, can now be used through the internet as well as via satellite

Black Hat hacker gains access to 4 million hotel rooms with Arduino microcontroller
Bad news: With less than $50 of off-the-shelf hardware and a little bit of programming, it’s possible for a hacker to gain instant, untraceable access to millions of key card-protected hotel rooms.

Hate Small Talk? These 5 Questions Will Help You Work Any Room
Do you love going to events, but find yourself stranded during happy hour, tongue-tied and tucked in a corner? Initiating and maintaining conversations while networking is a necessary skill, and one you can easily improve with these simple tips.

Format a ESX & ESXi VMFS file system manually
Recently I came across a query in the VMware communities, the query was “How to reformat a VMFS file system or Datastore manuallly” The preferred method of reformat the VMFS file system is from a console or SSH session as you can simply recreate the file system without having to make any changes to the disk partition.

No Silver Business Intelligence Bullets, But Still a Bright Upside
Likewise, the BI market finds itself awash in really cool reporting tools (seriously!) whose ads imply quick results with little effort. The reality is that success on the scale envisioned by many customers requires the planning, coordination, and integration associated with an IT project.

Leadership: It is not about you! Get over it.
What a leader needs to remember is that they are not the most important person in the organisation. A great leader is more concerned with the vision and cause of the organisation

Is Apple taking a financial interest in Twitter?
The New York Times reports that the two companies have talked in recent months, but they are not in talks at this time. Apple could potentially invest several hundred million dollars into Twitter, which has already gathered close to $1 billion in funding

Microsoft Paid $1.2B for Yammer, But You Can Have It for Free
According to Sacks, Yammer will stick with this “freemium” model as it moves under Microsoft’s wing, and it will use the strategy to encourage adoption not only of its own products, but existing Microsoft tools as well. Microsoft declined to comment for this story, but clearly, the company is working to change the way its core business operates in order to keep up with the latest wave of tech outfits.

Predictive analytics might not have predicted the Aurora shooter
Certainly any law enforcement officer who knew of the pattern of activity for this individual would have flagged it as suspicious and investigated. But data mining, also called machine learning, doesn't work the same way.

Ask The Entrepreneurs: 15 Ways to Incorporate Fitness Into Your Company Culture
Ask The Entrepreneurs is a regular series where members of those involved in the Young Entrepreneur Council are asked a single question that aims to help Lifehack readers level up their own lives, whether in a area of management, communication, business or life in general. Here’s the is what the entrepreneurs say for the question related to the topic

Quote for the day:

Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe  -Sumner Redstone


  1. So, the hotel room key cards are not secure any more! I liked the link on that topic.

  2. Yes, when it comes to sercurity, it is a catch up game between the securtity researchers and the hackers. Thanks for reading this.