October 31, 2013

Silent Circle, Lavabit unite for 'Dark Mail' encrypted email project
"The issue we are trying to deal with is that email was created 40 years ago," Jon Callas, CTO and founder of Silent Circle, in a phone interview. "It wasn't created to handle any of the security problems we have today." Silent Circle, Lavabit and at least one VPN provider, CryptoSeal, shut down their services fearing a court order forcing the turnover of a private SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) key, which could be used to decrypt communications.

Massachusetts grills Deloitte over large IT failures
It is striking to note that most personnel testifying were not present when the projects were begun, due to the long time frames. Therefore, the business case and underlying rationale were handed down, almost like folklore, from one administrator to the next, and metrics were ill-defined or non-existent. The lack of clear metrics governing expected outcomes helped Deloitte argue that these projects were a success.

Availability Group Listeners, Client Connectivity, and Application Failover (SQL Server)
If read-only routing is configured for one or more readable secondary replicas, read-intent client connections to the primary replica are redirected to a readable secondary replica. Also, if the primary replica goes offline on one instance of SQL Server, and a new primary replica comes online on another instance of SQL Server, the availability group listener enables clients to connect to the new primary replica.

Rise in Data Breaches Drives Interest in Cyber Insurance
"With no standard set of actuarial tables, insurance carriers are often left to their own underwriting standards and creativity when offering cyber insurance policies," they wrote. "A lack of actuarial data also makes cyber insurance less desirable to companies, while increasing the price." Insurers, though, have gotten better at quantifying certain kinds of cyber risks. "Where cyber insurance has gained some traction is in an area that's more quantifiable -- the data breach area," Andrew Braunberg said in an interview.

Talk networking strategy over technology
"Each of us carries two, three, or even four Wi-Fi-enabled devices. The heavy load of BYOD [bring your own device] and application volume is crushing conventional wireless networks, which is why we developed an architecture to deliver wired-like performance over Wi-Fi. Resellers must understand that application and device adoption is changing the rationale and choices IT managers make in implementing wireless,” Armstrong says.

Improve security through shared intelligence
While the value of sharing may be straightforward, security data itself is complex. Once an organization has made a strategic decision to join forces with other good guys, the difficulty lies in knowing what data to share and how to share it without introducing risk. ... Maximizing the benefits of shared intelligence requires more than simply feeding data into a system. Back-end analytics can help find needles in the haystack, and participants can collaborate when they spot anomalous activity.

10 hard-earned lessons from a lifetime in IT
Much of today's talk is about youth ruling development and IT. Sure, there are a lot of eager, bright young people in tech, and most of them like to think that they "rule," but the truth is we oldsters still run the show. Why? Because hard-earned lessons provide the wisdom to distinguish fantasy from reality, and the determination to do what's necessary, not just what's fun or cool. As a green programmer, I thought that coding was everything, that people were annoying and clueless, and that all my bosses had my back and would take care of me so I could just focus on the bits and be happy.

Juniper Launches MetaFabric Network Architecture, Switches
The capabilities found in the new MetaFabric offering are increasingly important to cloud providers and other companies that run multiple data centers in disparate locations and want to move their applications and network resources between them, according to Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president and general manager of Juniper's Data Center Business Unit. "Businesses have the need to move to an on-demand architecture," Davidson told eWEEK

New Algorithms May Give Keys to Predicting the Future
“The key insight,” explained Dr. Lionel Barnett in a statement, “is that the dynamics of complex systems – like the brain and the economy – depend on how their elements causally influence each other; in other words, how information flows between them. And that this information flow needs to be measured for the system as a whole, and not just locally between its various parts.”

How Organizations Are Improving Business Resiliency With Continuous IT Availability
As business demands for availability are increasing, so too are the risks. Every week there is news of another organization experiencing a major disruption. A company’s eCommerce website may be down for a few hours because of human error or a botched upgrade, or extreme weather like hurricane Sandy or even a severe winter storm can throw an organization into chaos. Why are there so many frequent disruptions and outages?

Quote for the day:

"The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism." -- Norman Peale

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