October 09, 2013

MDM and Next-Generation Data Sources
New data sources and real-time analytics continue to change the IT landscape as never before. Big data and other new information management technologies now allow organizations to uncover relationships that have long been buried in their data stores. ... top master data management expert Aaron Zornes, chief research officer of The MDM Institute, see another new trend emerging: master relationship management.

Building and Testing a Web API Service
Microsoft's latest tool for creating server-side services is ASP.NET Web API, so that's what I'll use as the next step in creating my sample application. The Web API isn't JavaScript and, technically, not part of this column. However, the services used by the client are a critical part of my sample application and, more important, a brief look at the service will let me make a few points about TypeScript before I return to the client, later in this article.

Gartner warns of vendor upheaval in technology shift
Gartner analysts warned that a data explosion threatens to overwhelm, sensors will be everywhere, 3-D printing will change everything, and smart machines will replace people. CIOs that don't adapt will become simple custodians of back-end systems. Companies that fail to change will join Kodak, Blackberry and Wang, each of which was slow to recognize new forces in technology.

Health Care: Big Data’s Next Frontier
Readers with experience in the health care industry might now be thinking “Privacy!” “HIPAA!” -- incredulous as they consider the challenges of sharing and integrating health data for analyses. Indeed, privacy regulations are a big obstacle blocking the use of all the data in the industry to meet health and financial goals.  But help may be on the way. Last week at the Strata Rx 2013 conference in Boston, I learned of two exceptional cases that illustrated researchers leveraged big data technologies to revolutionize modern health care.

Your car is about to go open source
Automakers are working to standardize on a Linux-based operating system for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems that would make it easier for cars to act more like smartphones. An IVI is the "black box" that powers a car's audio and entertainment systems, as well as hands-free phone service and satellite navigation systems. Most IVIs today have touchscreens and can be voice-activated, but many car buyers pass up those options.

Rebuild or Reorganize: SQL Server Index Maintenance
First off: ‘Reorganize’ and ‘Rebuild’ are two different operations that each reduce fragmentation in an index. They work differently toward the same end. You don’t need to run both against the same index. (I sometimes find that people are doing both against every index in a maintenance plan. That’s just double the work and NOT double the fun.)

Superhero DBAs: How to fuel productivity gains with automation
Scoring high in “Delivery” means there is a higher probability that your DBAs will maintain service levels, even if the “Environment” gets more complex in the future. With high levels of “Delivery” maturity, your DBA’s can be proactive and business-driven. They can actively implement database consolidation initiatives to keep database counts low. Or actively implement data archival and pruning mechanisms to keep overall database sizes constant even in the face of high data growth rates. By addressing the areas that make up “Delivery” metrics, you can actively improve your productivity level.

Data will drive future successful enterprises
Rometty said every single decision made in an organisation, whether it was to buy another company or keep an employee, would be driven by the information derived from big data analysis. "All of us are going to have more complex decisions to make in a much more complex environment. Those that choose to be a smarter enterprise will get the chance, I think, to make the right decisions and it will be the basis of competitive advantage," she said.

Mobile BI: The misperceptions and the missteps
Increasingly with the shift to HTML 5, you can support a lot more devices that way, including even the Firefox device, in theory, that's coming out, and a lot of vendors are moving in that direction. So, if you already have a business intelligence product or platform in place, the first thing you ought to do if you want to do mobile BI is go talk to your existing vendor, see what they have and see if it meets your needs. There's a very good chance that it does.

Solution Architecture and Application Architecture
Solution Architecture takes looks at the overall problem and works with other experts to build the best possible solution that will work in the real world from those other available parts. Often, applications are not directly part of the solution. Application Architecture has almost exclusively been used for software architecture in my experience. The level of expertise needed to be a competent software/application architect usually prevents those practitioners from gaining expertise in systems architecture or enterprise architecture because they need to be extremely well versed in software design and construction.

Quote for the day:

"The one without dreams is the one without wings" -- Muhammad Ali.

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