October 24, 2013

Reasons To Use Postgres Over SQL Server (And Vice Versa)
The difference isn’t really that much if you’ve already decided to go down the paid RDBMS route. Not being able to install SQL Server on non-Windows machines is a bit of a letdown, but again, if that’s one of your top reasons, it’s not really much of a reason for most enterprises, as they’re already using Windows servers somewhere. Regarding arrays, it’s true that SQL Server doesn’t have them. There are better and worse alternatives, but aside from parameter input, if you’re using arrays, you’re thinking procedurally and that’s doing it wrong.

IBM Begins Integration of its Cloud Portfolio with Softlayer
The IT company said in June that it had formed a new cloud services division, and after the close of the acquisition in the third quarter, the new division would combine SoftLayer with IBM SmartCloud into a global platform. SoftLayer infrastructure will be the foundation of IBM's cloud portfolio, it said. IBM's Social Learning, a cloud-based global education technology platform, is already in use at Boston Children's Hospital to teach pediatric medicine using real-time videos via a hybrid cloud computing environment.

Predictive policing gets personal
Initiatives are already well underway at the local level in areas such as Los Angeles, where the PredPol algorithm developed by UCLA has been used to analyze seven years of incident information to predict where, within 500 foot by 500 foot areas, or "predictive boxes," certain types of property-related crimes are most likely to occur during an upcoming patrol shift. And then the department can concentrate on those areas during their shifts, or can redeploy police person-power appropriately.

ICANN starts rolling out new generic top-level domains
The first four gTLD strings are the Arabic word for web or network, the Cyrillic words for online and website, and Chinese for game. "It's happening -- the biggest change to the Internet since its inception," said Atallah in a statement. ICANN cleared the four new gTLDs earlier this week. Google, Amazon.com and Microsoft are among a large number of companies who applied for new gTLDs.

Better metrics for planning and tracking data center investments
TCO, ROI, and such are fine, but they measure the status quo in a world of great and constant change. They also presume that everyone wants basically the same thing: lower cost. In fact, business and IT leaders want a lot of things -- only some of which are cost-related. They want capabilities that make them effective, not just cost-effective. ... We need to take a broader, more systematic view and be more honest about what we really need and value, then make IT decisions accordingly. Consider the following criteria

Why and How KeyBank Has Become Big Data-Driven
The impetus for making Big Data a focus for the KeyBank came from CEO Beth Mooney, Bonalle notes. A few years ago, she reassessed the bank's strategy and decided it needed better analytics and insights. "The insight Beth Mooney had was, if we're going to serve our clients well, we need to understand what their needs are and who they are," says Bonalle, executive vice president and director of marketing and insights, who spoke at American Banker's Banking Analytics Symposium in Boston on Friday.

Don't trust a company on its word, trust it on its tech
LinkedIn has not disclosed whether its Intro service would work if a user has enabled two-factor authentication on their email service. Google, for example, has a modified login challenge when logging in via the IMAP protocol (which Intro uses to fetch mail). Yahoo's two-factor system can be circumvented completely due to how it is implemented. Although LinkedIn potentially has the ability to do pretty much anything it wants with your emails, its measure to protect users comes in the form of a pledge not to.

Microsoft and Symantec push to combat key, code-signed malware
Under the auspices of the Certificate Authority/ Browser Forum, an industry group in which Microsoft and Symantec are members, the two companies next month plan to put forward what Coclin describes as proposed new "baseline requirements and audit guidelines" that certificate authorities would have to follow to verify the identity of purchasers of code-signing certificates. Microsoft is keenly interested in this effort because "Microsoft is out to protect Windows," says Coclin.

IT distribution strategy: Distributors upping investments in enablement
"The best true value-added distributors have moved from the mechanics of operations management and channel partner activation to sales and channel enablement," said Kevin Rhone, practice director for the channel acceleration practice at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). In their efforts to provide more core value to their partner customers, IT distributors are adding new enablement capabilities for marketing support services, such as analytics support.

Deep Focus on Your Code with CodeLens
It's a new feature in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate that shows you information about your code directly in the code editor. Before CodeLens, you had to dig through several different windows to retrieve information such as method references, tests associated with a method, the last time a line of code was changed or how many times the code has been changed. Researching and finding this information takes you away from the code editor, and away from writing code. CodeLens changes that by putting this information literally at your fingertips within the code editor.

Quote for the day:

"Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed. " -- Dale Carnegie

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