October 03, 2013

What makes models interesting
George Box said that so much better than I would have. While he was referring to science and statistics, his advice applies to Enterprise Architecture rather well. What it means is this: if you have two models, both that capture the USEFUL elements needed to describe something, and one is simpler than the other, go simple. In other words, I don’t care what is “correct.” I care what is useful.

Depth-Sensing Cameras Head to Mobile Devices
The first mobile depth-sensing technology to hit the market is likely to be the Structure Sensor, an accessory for Apple’s iPad that gives the device capabilities similar to those of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming controller. Occipital, the San Francisco company behind the device, says it will start shipping its product in February 2014. A Kickstarter campaign for the device has raised almost $750,000, with more than a month to run.

Cloud Service Brokerage Expands in Canada with ComputeNext and CACloud.com Partnership
Cloud consumers can now use CA Cloud IaaS through the ComputeNext cloud brokerage platform for discovery and procurement and provisioning of cloud services such as servers, storage, and on-demand software. IT professionals looking for cloud servers and storage will now have access to IaaS locations in Canada that are geographically separated with options for West Coast and East Coast Canadian cloud servers that provide low-latency and performance solidified with a coast-to-coast network backbone.

New Red Hat Enterprise Linux licensing plan designed to unify cloud, physical environments
Socket pairs and virtual nodes are now treated as interchangeable under Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux Server license, allowing for various combinations of physical servers and virtualized machines. RHEL for Virtual Data Centers also got an update, with a purely per-socket option allowing for an unlimited number of VMs on Hyper-V, VMware, or Red Hat’s own Enterprise Virtualization.

How to Manage Big Data with a Data Governance Policy
Big data, when used wisely, can deliver tremendous value to organizations. The importance of data governance in this equation is gaining visibility. A recent report from the Institute for Health Technology Transformation, for example, indicated that a standardized format for data governance is essential for healthcare organizations to leverage the power of big data. The authors indicate that the first and most critical priority is to develop a carefully structured framework for enterprise data governance.

Building A Collaborative Culture
Companies should assess and qualify collaboration opportunities just as they qualify sales leads to decide whether a particular collaboration effort makes sense. Reducing the costs of collaboration improves the chance that a collaboration initiative will have a positive ROI.However, companies can improve their odds even further by following five guidelines for successful collaboration

CA global IT study reveals DevOps driving 20% faster time-to-market for new services
"In today's world of mobile apps and online consumer reviews, companies are under enormous pressure to deliver higher quality applications faster than ever before," says Jaco Greyling, CA Southern Africa, manager, service assurance & application delivery. "Companies which have been around for more than 20-30 years face big challenges as they have legacy systems. Those who are willing to undergo internal transformation can win the competition in fast-changing markets."

Mobile Business Application Testing: Challenges and Strategy
This unlikeness in mobile computing environments presents unique challenges in developing applications, quality assurance, and maintenance, requiring unique testing strategies. Which need to cover different types of testing such as functional, , Performance, network, compatibility, usability, installation & field testing. To address this, we have a range of options of tools and automation processes best suited to testing both mobile web and native mobile apps that can reduce complexity and time to market.

Graphene Could Make Data Centers and Supercomputers More Efficient
Graphene has a number of potential advantages over germanium, says Englund. Because of its exceptional electronic properties, devices made of the material can work at very high frequencies, and could in principle handle more information per second. Also, graphene can absorb a broader range of wavelengths than germanium can. That property could be exploited to transmit more data streams simultaneously in the same beam of light.

Creating a Culture of Learning and Innovation
A culture of continuous learning is vital to an organization that strives to be innovative. Knowledge is the foundation for new ideas, and the learning that produces knowledge is what keeps brains malleable to create innovative and disruptive solutions. So why build a culture of continuous learning in the workplace?

Quote for the day:

"When change programs fail it is because the attempt was non-systemic. Change in performance requires a change to the system." -- John Seddon

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