October 20, 2013

ATDD From the Trenches
In summary: Pretend that you have an awesome framework encapsulated behind a really convenient helper class; Write a very simple acceptance test for something that already works today; Write the acceptance test for your new feature. Make it run but fail; Make it green. While coding, write unit tests for any non-trival stuff; and Refactor. And maybe write some more unit tests for good measure, or remove redundant ones. Keep the code sqeaky clean!

Iceland and the Data Center Industry
It’s been five years since Verne Global announced plans to build a data center business in Iceland, which offers nearly ideal scenarios for power and cooling servers. The company’s facility on a former NATO base is now filling with customers, with a boost from cloud hosting provider Datapipe. The latest arrival is RMS, which specializes in modeling catastrophe risk for the insurance industry.

Adidas Runner's Watch Puts Diverse World of Wearables in the Spotlight
One of the big challenges in developing the watch was leaving out features and streamlining it for the task of running, Gaudio said. Synchronizing with a mobile phone was one capability the company determined many runners could do without. "At a certain level, they get to a point where they don't want to be bothered with carrying a phone," Gaudio said. It can be a matter of both reducing carried weight and escaping from the world of alerts and calls.

Common File Elimination Demystified
Common File Elimination ensures that the same data is never transmitted offsite more than twice, thereby saving the bandwidth to transmit only new, unique data. Customers often wonder why files are transmitted twice and not only once. Simply said, the system needs to see the file three times before it classifies it as common and moves it to the appropriate folder - common file library.

Data Discrimination Means the Poor May Experience a Different Internet
As Crawford and Jason Schultz, a professor at New York University Law School, wrote in their paper: “When these data sets are cross-referenced with traditional health information, as big data is designed to do, it is possible to generate a detailed picture about a person’s health, including information a person may never have disclosed to a health provider.”

Integrating Cloud and In-house Storage
Cloud storage makes disaster recovery significantly easier, and your data is backed-up offsite in a secure location. But there is also the additional security that most cloud storage providers can ensure. Many small businesses or remote offices use out-of-the-box solutions for data storage, which are typically much easier for hackers to gain access to. You can rest assured that these larger providers have a greater level of expertise protecting data than a local IT professional you have set up your system.

Learn From Your Failures and Build Something Great
What happens when engineers become leaders? That’s the question at the core of “Cultivate,” a new conference from O’Reilly focused on entrepreneurial leadership for technology companies. In this morning’s keynote, Tim O’Reilly examined the topic using an approach familiar to data center managers: the failure analysis. O’Reilly, the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, discussed the failures he experienced in building one of the industry’s leading brands for publishing and events, and what he learned from them.

5G Will have to Do More Than Send Speed Up Your Phone, Ericsson Says
More so than any previous generation of cellular gear, 5G will have to serve two masters, Nandlall said. Between wireless sensors, industrial equipment and an array of consumer gadgets, in a few years there are likely to be 10 mobile connections per person. If 5 billion humans join the mobile world, that's 50 billion connections that 5G networks will need to serve.

What Puzzles You Most About Functional Programming?
With so much diversity, it’s hard to define the exact scope of what exactly functional programming is. Is it a question of how to design your program, that is, using functions as the primary abstraction? Or is it about programming with mathematical functions, meaning pure functions that do not have side effects? And what are those monads again? In this InfoQ research, we ask you: what puzzles you most about functional programming? The following is an incomprehensive list of things that might puzzle you about functional programming.

Li-Fi Turns Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Wireless Network
First, data are transmitted to an LED light bulb — it could be the one illuminating the room in which you’re sitting now. Then the lightbulb is flicked on and off very quickly, up to billions of times per second. That flicker is so fast that the human eye cannot perceive it. Then a receiver on a computer or mobile device — basically, a little camera that can see visible light — decodes that flickering into data.

Quote for the day:

"We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal and then leap in the dark to our success." -- Henry David Thoreau

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