October 21, 2013

How using a test-execution model can improve software test results
Because the test passes, we'll never know, because we aren't going to investigate, ever. Similarly, fail doesn't mean there is a bug. The good news is that we're likely to figure out whether a bug was encountered, because fail really means we need to investigate. We usually eventually figure out whether the SUT behavior is expected under the circumstances.

Qualcomm’s Toq Is a Watch Smart Enough to Keep It Simple
The Toq can be paired with any Android smartphone by installing a companion app. You can then choose which of the apps on your phone can send notifications to your wrist. You can act on some of those notifications when they reach the Toq. For example, you can scroll through a text message on the device’s screen and reply to it in two taps, by selecting from a menu of canned or custom responses.

Living in a digital world.
No matter what business or service you deliver today, digitalization is changing it. Data collection and analysis are becoming highly sophisticated in this new era. Genuinely digitalized businesses are creating value and generating revenue through digitalized products and services. Technology will enable you to: optimise business processes; create new business models; and identify and exploit those business moments. That’s why every company will become a technology company.

IBM rolls “Internet of Things” starter kit
With the Internet of Things Starter Kit, a real-time operating system is integrated in Libelium Waspmote nodes to support more that 60 different sensors available off the shelf, letting developers build any application on top, IBM said. The Internet of Things SDK also includes the source code of the 6LoWPAN libraries so that researchers can modify and add their own algorithms and improvements.

Life in the cloud after Nirvanix
Nirvanix told customers to immediately seek a new service provider to host their data and to put no more data on its servers in the meantime. The announcement saw Nirvanix customers scrambling to find new service providers. On a wider-scale, it added to the concerns that many organizations already had about safety in the cloud. FierceCIO had the opportunity to speak with Ted Chamberlin, vice president of cloud market development at CoreSite, about the impact of the Nirvanix collapse. CoreSite helped some Nirvanix customers successfully migrate to other providers

Eight Things Leaders Need to Know About Speed
If you are leading a team with a significant crisis, speed may need to be increased, and fast! And there are other times when 70 mph just isn’t appropriate, necessary or safe. There are speed limits on the roads to take those factors into account, and we must look for the road signs with our teams as well – so that we set the current speed or pace based on what the organization and environment needs, not what we (or others) are comfortable with or like

The IT Role in Value Creation is Not a Technology
It is time to change the paradigm. IT needs to think of itself as a business organization that drives value rather than simply a delivery or technology organization. And transformational IT CIOs are doing just that. There are many who question IT’s ability to contribute to top line value. Based on the traditional paradigm, the question is well supported. However, in the new paradigm, IT can provide top line value creation through new revenue streams.

Information Governance on (or in?) the Data Warehouse – Does it Exist?
And so the extent of information governance in a data warehouse tends to focus on an exception, kicked out by an ETL or script, and IT chasing after business users who are “too busy to call IT back” to help solve the problem. In a nutshell, the work of information governance and stewardship is rarely, if ever, “operationalized” in the business process; it remains an IT effort. It does not become “how we do things around here”.

The Power of the Cube
There’s something to this. A big problem with BI is that its interaction model is very stilted: i.e., it makes us wait while it goes off and fetches data via SQL. In most cases, this means going out to a database and fetching some data and doing some calculations and – preferably in two to five seconds – bringing something back and displaying it on our screen. This approach works reasonably well for reporting, but not really for analysis where the user’s train of thought is important.

What CIOs, developers should know about the 'API economy'
A cloud-first [strategy] is appealing because it promises to lower costs and increase agility. However, CIOs should view their API strategy not just as the integration methodology that enables cloud-first, but also as a way to syndicate assets to new internal and external audiences. When considered this way, it becomes clear that a well-conceived and properly implemented API strategy also has the potential to drive innovation, increase productivity, and create new channels and markets.

Quote for the day:

"The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. " -- Lee Iacocca

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