October 04, 2013

Do You Have an Information Governance Policy Framework?
"Healthcare has a lot of compliance-related activities," Kloss said. "And there are pockets of good governance, but they may be siloed and not looked at as part of a mosaic of activities. I look for ways to leverage activities already underway, such as a new rollout of analytics, to see if there are lessons learned about information governance that can be ported to other areas."

How to align your IT Strategy skillfully
Kumar recommends keeping entry and exit aspects very clear; and if the project is big, setting success criteria and jointly agreeing to it is even more critical. “When the requirement is specific to a domain, set the qualifying criteria; bring a score card concept for selecting the right vendor and sign SLAs with those who have realistic terms to make it a win-win situation,” reiterates Kumar.

Building the Anytime, Anywhere Network
For corporate IT, capitalizing on mobility’s potential means exchanging ironfisted control over access and devices for a more flexible approach. IT must balance firm administrative oversight with the freedom today’s knowledge workers need to innovate in the anytime, anywhere economy. And making that demanding transition without compromising. security in the process means nothing less than embracing a totally new approach to building and managing networks

Pushback against 'big data' begins
A future in which such "intuitive knowledge" about how to deploy resources is overruled by algorithms that can work only with hard data and can't, of course, account for the data they don't have ... While it might seem obvious that data, no matter how "big", cannot perfectly represent life in all its complexity, information technology produces so much information that it is easy to forget just how much is missing.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality of JavaScript UI Components Library Webix
Not so long ago, the drag-and-drop functionality was used in web apps quite rarely. With HTML5 coming on the scene, native drag-and-drop has become easily accessible and popular. The functionality that required lots of coding efforts before, now can be added with a few lines of HTML code. While developing the Webix library, we tried to keep all features and advantages of native drag-and-drop. At the same time, we’ve added new capabilities that might be useful in web app development.

Microsoft Surface: What it tells us about devices, services and the future of Microsoft
It's clear that where in the past Microsoft would have tuned its hardware for its software, with Surface it's tuned it for services. That tuning makes Surface just a surface, where both local Windows and cloud services are rendered. It's just one screen in those "three screens plus cloud" that Microsoft talked about a few years back, albeit a highly-optimised screen (and with some of the additional hardware announced in New York it can move to being any one of those three screens).

Verizon challenges Amazon with Verizon Cloud
With Verizon Cloud Compute, Verizon says, "users can determine and set virtual machine and network performance, providing predictable performance for mission critical applications, even during peak times." Other services, such as Amazon Web Services, force users to pick a preset virtual machine size. The other big selling point versus the competition is that Verizon Cloud will supposedly eliminate "latency issues that have plagued many traditional storage offerings" in the cloud.

Successful IT professionals are ‘willing to self-train’, says HP head
“You have to self-train, you have to read, you have to study. You can’t expect to be spoon-fed anymore. The world is moving too fast to spoon feed the information. You earn your success in life,” said Brooks. Brooks preferred to take an applied learning route into IT, first doing an ordinary national diploma in technology, electrical and electronics engineering at North Oxon Technical College, before doing a degree in engineering, electrical and electronics engineering at the University of Bradford.

Rebuilding Your Engine at 200 Miles per Hour
Michael Brunton-Spall, who has keynoted and spoken at conferences on a variety of subjects ranging from pragmatic functional programming to scaling large web applications, innovation practices to agile methodologies shares his experience re-architect The Guardian’ Content API from a system based on Solr to a message queue cloud service based upon Elastic Search, without any downtime.

Let maturity and evolution determine where the data science team reports
Data science teams only add more complexity to an already perplexing problem. Should they report to IT, as Mary suggests? Should they report into the lines of business, as I would probably suggest. Or, should they be on their own: perhaps assign a Chief Data Science Officer that reports to the CEO or President ? The right answer depends on whether or not it works for your organization. More specifically, the size and maturity of your organization has a lot to do with how your data science team should be structured.

Quote for the day:

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work" -- Peter Drucker

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