October 06, 2013

BYOD As We Know It Is Dead
If BYOD 1.0 has been responding to the needs of the employee, BYOD 2.0 efforts will focus more on the needs of where the enterprise and the employee intersect. Perhaps the most valuable key attribute of BYOD 2.0 will be to provide right- time experience (user interface + user experience) to the systems, solutions and points of collaboration that are mutually relevant to the company and to the employee.

How to Improve Database Performance by Measuring User Experience
Rather than watching server health statistics and making guesses about their performance impact, wait and response time methods measure the time taken to complete a desired operation. The best implementations break down the time into discrete and individually measurable steps, and identify exactly which steps in which operations cause application delays. Since the database primary mission is to respond with a result, response time is the most important criteria in making database performance decisions.

Leadership Character and Corporate Governance
Competencies matter. ... Commitment is critical. ... But above all, character counts. It determines how leaders perceive and analyze the contexts in which they operate. Character determines how they use the competencies they have. It shapes the decisions they make, and how these decisions are implemented and evaluated.

The future is: Polyglot Persistence
The “cloud” is exactly this kind of cluster, which means relational databases don’t play well with the cloud. The rise of web services provides an effective alternative to shared databases for application integration, making it easier for different applications to choose their own data storage. ... Searching 300 Million voters information for 1 person with addresses, emails, phones is tough with a relational data store. MongoDB was used to store the documents about the person.

Data Is Not the New Oil, It's the New Soil
Oil is valuable. If you find, collect and store oil it will remain valuable. Data is a very different thing. Data is generated when people do something. It is a record of an event. That means it starts losing value almost as soon as it is generated because it ages. We can see trends and obtain insights but to get real value from data it must be used in real time. Simply gathering and storing data is a pointless exercise.

Five More Key Considerations for MDM Projects
While the above recommendations are certainly valid and important guidelines to follow, we have observed a number of other key considerations that our experience shows also have a significant impact on the success of an MDM implementation project. These additional points can take an MDM project from a mere milestone to a lasting and impactful cornerstone of an organization’s information technology and business process infrastructure.

Overcoming Security Challenges to Virtualize Internet-Facing Applications
This architecture also maintains existing secure administration policy by separating network and server administrative duties. In addition, we segregate virtualization host servers into landing zones analogous to those in the physical environment, and we harden and isolate virtualization management systems. Over time, we plan to further enhance our secure virtualization capabilities by taking advantage of hardware-assisted security with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology and Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard.

Planning and Controlling Complex Projects
One of the most important insights of beyond budgeting is in my opinion to differentiate between target and forecast. The rationale is that every goal should be ambitious whereas the forecast (or estimation) is a way to close the gap to the goal. Now if both –target and forecast- are forced into one number the result is that either the target isn’t ambitious anymore or the estimation is a deception.

How Strategic Planning relates to Enterprise Architecture
The selected strategy is implemented by means of programs, projects, budgets, processes and procedures. The way in which the strategy is implemented can have a significant impact on whether it will be successful, and this is where Enterprise Architecture may have a significant role to play. Often, the people formulating the strategy are different from those implementing it. The way the strategy is communicated is a key element of the success and should be clearly explained to the different layers of management including the Enterprise Architecture team.

“Designing Webs – Information Architecture as a Creative Practice” – Paul Rissen
Paul says that unlike the people looking at designs and site maps, the user isn’t interested in “the page” as an artefact. They are interested in “the things” that are contained within“the page”. And he went even further than that, saying that actually, people aren’t interested in “the things” themselves, they are interested in “the relationship between the things”. To put it in TV terms, nobody watches EastEnders because of Pat Butcher. They watch because Pat Butcher and Peggy Mitchell are going to fight.

Quote for the day:

"No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave." -- Calvin Coolidge

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