October 30, 2013

Why is Twitter spending so much on R&D?
There is no sign that Twitter is working on anything that cool. Twitter actually gives very little detail about what it spends its R&D budget on in the offering documents for its IPO. It says that R&D expenses are to "improve our products and services." And it doesn't appear that Twitter is building some kind of high-tech lab or supercomputer. In fact, the bulk of Twitter's R&D expenses go toward personnel-related expenses.

Three strategies to align organizational compliance and security goals
Compliance teams sometimes feel that their concerns go unheeded, for example, when a requirement remains unaddressed despite investment in other areas. By contrast, technical or security personnel may look at compliance activities as siphoning budget from investments that reduce technical risk. This can be a challenging situation, but there are strategies to help overcome these hurdles or even ensure that they don't arise in the first place.

A Hybrid Cloud May Be the Answer for Midsize Businesses
The hybrid cloud is essentially a mixture of two cloud computing solutions, most often one contained within the data center and one hosted through a public cloud provider. The mixture of these two types of solutions can vary, but it is most powerful when the private cloud is used for types of data that simply cannot be stored or processed through a third party. The public cloud is used for noncritical data storage and cloudbursting, in which the public solution is tapped if internal resources become stressed due to a spike in demand.

Do software engineers need adult day care?
So if work perks aren’t necessary why do so many companies insist on providing them? Surely, that’s a distraction from their business? And it’s not good for the surrounding community because they are competing with local small businesses trying to make a living providing basic services such as dry cleaning, etc. This is especially worrisome when a large company such as Google continues to expand its footprint in the middle of Silicon Valley, and its free food and services are pushing local business into bankruptcy.

Dell to show its first 64-bit ARM server this week
"This is a key milestone for customers seeking to run real-world workloads on 64-bit ARM technology," Dell executive Robert Hormuth will announce in a blog post this week, according to a copy of the post sent to the IDG News Service. Hewlett-Packard, meanwhile, is moving forward with its own low-power server plans.

The art of strategy
Good strategy isn’t easy. Yet we know vastly more today than we did even a year ago about how corporate strategies should be crafted and implemented. In this video, McKinsey principal Chris Bradley and director Angus Dawson trace the evolution of strategic thinking in recent years; outline a thorough, action-oriented approach executives can adopt; and discuss strategy’s next frontiers.

IT Spending to Grow More in Digitalisation
“What many traditional IT vendors sold you in the past is often not what you need for the digital future. Their channel strategy, sales force, partner ecosystem is challenged by different competitors, new buying centers, and changed customer business model,” Sondergaard said. “Digitalization creates an accelerated technology-driven start up environment across the globe. Many of the vendors who are on top today, such as Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft, may not be leaders in the Digital Industrial Economy.”

Java under attack — the evolution of exploits in 2012-2013
Exploits still pose a threat even when the user knows they exist, is well versed in IT security and keeps track of software updates. That’s because when a vulnerability is detected it can take weeks until a patch is released to fix it. During that time exploits are able to function freely and threaten the security of Internet users. That risk can be reduced significantly if users have high-quality security solutions installed on their computers, including technology capable of blocking attacks initiated by exploits.

CIO vs CDO: There can be only one
"In government, as well as other industries, roles like chief data officer or chief digital officer are emerging in response to the increasing importance of enterprise digital assets," Gartner managing vice president Andrea Di Maio said. The chief data officer role is focused on ensuring that heavily-regulated industries handle data in a way that complies with the rules. Before these CDO and CIO roles swallow each other, existing CIOs and CTOs should form a close working relationship with both flavours of CDO, Gartner said, particularly if they don't want their roles to collide in the near future.

Bigger Data? Or Better Models? Or…..
If you work in the analytics world, you’ve probably either read or at least heard of the seminal book "Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think," published earlier this year. Authors Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier’s provocative point of departure is that the new data norm of N=all and a tolerance for simple correlation over causation is changing the analytics landscape, obviating the need for much of traditional statistical analyses.

Quote for the day:

"I think any man would be nervous if his liberty is at stake." -- Wesley Snipes

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