October 17, 2013

Pushing the Boundaries of In-Memory Performance
Challenging those assumptions, Microsoft engineered for dramatically changing latencies and throughput for so-called “hot” transactional tables in the database. Lock-free, row-versioning data structures and compiling T-SQL and queries into native code, combined with making the programming semantics consistent with SQL Server means our customers can apply the performance benefits of extreme transaction processing without application rewrites or the adoption of entirely new products.

SDN Adoption Puts DevOps Pros in High Demand
This push toward automation is a crucial element of SDN technology and one of the main reasons DevOps experience will be in high demand, says Shah. "The kind of expertise you'll look for is no longer a hard-core, specialized programmer who focuses on individual devices and pieces of the network, but someone who can write code or scripts to automate processes and actions," Shah says.

Hackers attack PR Newswire, get user data
PR Newswire, a company owned by marketing and communications services firm UBM, confirmed the breach Wednesday. "We recently learned that a database, which primarily houses access credentials and business contact information for some of our customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India, was compromised," Ninan Chacko, PR Newswire's CEO, said in a blog post.

An iPad wish list for the enterprise
While new iPads would definitely focus on consumer features, Apple could also continue its efforts in the business and enterprise sectors with new features for business users and enterprise IT. With that thought in mind, here's my next generation iPad enterprise wish list. While some of these features are all but certain, there are some that are also a bit unlikely.

Does SSL decryption deserve a place in the enterprise data center?
While this practice might seem underhanded at first glance, there are valid reasons why SSL decryption has been implemented in numerous enterprise networks. The first reason pertains to protecting proprietary or sensitive information from being stolen from an enterprise network. However, a report by analyst and research firm NSS Labs Inc. states that the primary reason for implementing SSL decryption has to do with SSL-encrypted malware.

Oracle plugs critical security holes that are putting systems at risk
Out of 51 vulnerabilities patched in this Java security update, 40 affect only client deployments which include the frequently targeted Java Web browser plug-in and 8 affect both client and server deployments. These vulnerabilities can be exploited through Java Web Start applications or Java applets, and, in the case of flaws that also affect server deployments, by sending data to application program interfaces (APIs) in the vulnerable components.

Best practices for combatting integration problems
"When you go to IBM, you get an integrated IBM solution. When you go to HP, they lead with an HP solution. But when you say, 'I already have Dell servers, and I'd like to add HP storage,' that can become problematic, and that's where the integration challenge comes from," said Roger Channing, chief technology officer at MicroTech. "That's where customers are coming from. They don't want to buy bits and pieces and integrate it themselves. They want one belly button they can press to say, 'Here is the solution.' It's our job to make sure the integration is done correctly."

5 ‘Unsolved Problems’ That Have Now Been Solved and the Stories Behind Them
What connects being late to class, computer games, and being a recluse in your mum’s house? No, it’s not the latest Grand Theft Auto game. These are, in fact, the approaches to successfully solving some of the longest standing ‘unsolved problems’ – those which have puzzled the world’s brightest for centuries, until a new approach sparked a breakthrough. Each has its own interesting story behind it…

An API for Simple HTTP Requests
URLDownloadToCacheFile is one such API and comes courtesy of Internet Explorer. This function is ideally suited to console applications because it doesn't imply any particular threading model. It blocks while the file is downloaded and provides progress reporting using a callback. I'm going to show you how to use it to write a console application to download a given HTTP resource, present progress and download the file.

Snapping out of your leadership struggle
There are plenty of reasons for this struggle. It might mean that you’re unhappy in your job, frustrated with all of the things that are out of your control or that you’re lacking a skill set that will help you lead at your best. No matter the reason, there are some things you can do to ease the struggle, clearing your heart and your mind for making decisions and taking action that will send you on your way to greatness

Quote for the day:

"Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -- St. Francis of Assisi

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