October 07, 2013

Narayana is now JTA 1.2 Compliant
Here's an overview of the three improvements: @Transactional. This is the headline feature and brings the ability to place transaction annotations on any CDI managed bean. Prior to this feature, you had to make your class an EJB in order to use transactional annotations.; @TransactionScoped. This feature allows you to associate CDI beans with the scope of a transaction; and the third change clarifies when the container should call 'delistResource' on the transactional resource. This is a minor change and is of less interest to an application developer, so I'm not going to discuss it further here

Assembling a Health Analytics Team
Analysis is nothing new in the science and data-heavy health care field, but what used to be a couple guys crunching numbers for Excel sheets and calling it "analytics" has become a high-profile, risky and expensive adventure aimed at the heart of the business of health care organizations. If you don't know your data in this stupendously complex market, you don't know your business.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, Android is almost impenetrable to malware
Ludwig sees security in biological terms: “A walled garden systems approach blocking predators and disease breaks down when rapid growth and evolution creates too much complexity. Android’s innovation from inside and outside Google are continuous, making it impossible to create such a walled garden by locking down Android at the device level.” He stated Google’s mission in defending against malware in terms more closely akin to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) than the PC security industry.

Europe Aims to Regulate the Cloud
Viviane Reding, the European Commission’s justice minister, said in her own statement that she wanted to see “the development of European clouds” certified to strict new European standards. She said that European governments could promote such a move “by making sure that data processed by them are only stored in clouds to which E.U. data protection laws and European jurisdiction applies.” “For the private sector, such European clouds could become also attractive as they could advertise, ‘These are European clouds, so your personal data is safe,’ ” she said.

What type of CIO are you? A Scotty or a Mr. Spock?
Any given CIO will typically operate in many of these roles simultaneously. What’s interesting today, however, is that the disruptive trends are creating a myriad of opportunities for CIOs to take on more and more of the “pioneer and explorer” role and make IT an integral part, or even a leading part, of new business models, new products and services, and competitive differentiation.

API design: How to properly build an application program interface
Another common question has to do with the data format. XML is the most general way of expressing parameters and exchanging information, and it is applicable to REST and SOAP interfaces. But XML processing is a heavyweight and most valuable for expressing structureless data. For REST, JSON has gained favor as being easier to use while providing some specific variable typing widely used and expected in API building. Where APIs exchange rigidly defined data elements, JSON is likely a better choice for RESTful exchanges.

The Three Bandits of Change Leadership
What are the change bandits doing to cause problems for the leaders of change? They’re feeding on the emotional conclusions that the “other guy” needs to change, “adversity” should be avoided, and “discomfort” is incompetence in disguise. Here is a more in-depth look at each.

Innovative Technology That Boosts Workforce Happiness
Think your employees are happy in their jobs? Think again. A recent study from Dale Carnegie Training quantified the number of fully engaged employees at only 29 percent and disengaged employees at 26 percent. Chances are, your team falls somewhere in the middle. Luckily, a number of innovative technology solutions can help. ... Turning to innovative solutions like these five project management tools can help.

3 Secrets of a Successful Business Intelligence Strategy
Ready to be shocked? Many of them are flawed - focusing on the wrong things, in the wrong order, and going about delivering an ROI in the wrong way. The bottom line: the best Business Intelligence strategy strives to keep Business Intelligence focused, benefit-led, and affordable. For Business Intelligence to be successful, it’s clear that you have to have a Business Intelligence strategy. Business Intelligence has a lot to deliver, and a plan for achieving those deliverables—and then turning them into cold, hard cash—is an obvious first step.

How software leaders are changing with the times
Our notion of leadership is that the leadership that really matters is between peers, across the white space and even up the hierarchy. This is absolutely essential because knowledge is not distributed according to position on the hierarchy or salary. If the person who is at the bottom of the hierarchy and makes less than anyone else in the organization has the knowledge that is essential to what has to be done, then he/she is the leader. Attempts to overrule this are always a mistake.

Quote for the day:

"The pessimist borrows trouble; the optimist lends encouragement." -- William Arthur Ward

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