October 14, 2013

IBM Wants to Predict Heart Disease Through Big Data Analytics
Sophisticated analysis of EHR data could reveal the unique presentation of these symptoms at earlier stages and allow doctors and patients to work together sooner to do something about it. IBM is applying advanced tools for analyzing medical data, including text, and reviewing a patient’s health records for new insight. IBM utilizes Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) to extract the known signs and symptoms to heart failure from available text.

Sketching a Roadmap for EA in the Age of Digital Disruption
EA’s Enterprise Lifecycles – illustrating the need to co-ordinate product, capability, business model and brand with the enterprise strategy and objectives. This is truly an exciting time for practitioners of enterprise architecture and business model innovation. If you’d like to learn more, please review the Hugh Evans's Webinar recording and the presentation

Don’t get fooled by the false “Open” and get locked-in once again
Today, open source is driving much of the innovation around data whether it be OpenStack for IT infrastructures or Hadoop for Big Data and analytics. This is happening to such an extent that many proprietary vendors are being forced to adopt some components of open source technology, whether they want to or not, which can lead to confusion and the risk of IT getting trapped in a “false Open” and once again locked-in situation which will constrain innovation and introduce hidden costs.

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?
In the past five years, multiple studies have indicated that there may be an "entrepreneur gene"--or at least that people with certain genetic characteristics and personality traits are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than others. In his 2010 book Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders, Scott Shane, professor of entrepreneurial studies at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University, suggests that genes don't just influence whether a person will start a business; they may even determine how much money a person will earn. In other words, some people are born to be alpha wolves, and the rest will work

Advent of Predictive Analytics in China
It now seems that that the concept is gaining significance among local corporations and managers. More and more companies in China are now putting into practice this idea and ramping up their predictive analytics capabilities. The reasons for such a growing interest are rather obvious:

20X Faster Hadoop Execution Now Possible With ScaleOut hServer V2
ScaleOut hServer V2 adds a full MapReduce self-contained execution engine that runs standard Hadoop MapReduce code to provide real-time performance for continuous live data analysis. It also provides blazingly fast analysis of large, static data sets. Best of all, you don't need to learn anything new – if you know Hadoop MapReduce, you can use ScaleOut hServer right away.

Applying Agile principles to Service Management
Agile teams work with the principle that plans will change; that we will understand more about the work once we near completion and that no amount of planning really prepares us for the road ahead. This is true for software development projects where Agile is accepted but of course it’s also true for IT maintenance and operational projects too. How many of your projects delivered exactly as predicted on day one? Knowing that business requirements will change frequently and that the assumptions made before work begins are normally wrong, Agile teams handle this by working in iterations.

7 Top Wishes of IT Project Managers
"If the IT project manager doesn't know what his employees are working on, he doesn't know if he can assign additional tasks or if the task is moving forward," Nielson explains. "With a cloud tool that keeps the project in one central location, the whole team can see the project details, in real time, eliminating extra emails that flood inboxes every day."

The programmable WAN: Applications are boss and networks bend
A programmable WAN with SDN allows machine-to-machine APIs to respond to autonomous capacity requests so that when an application or cloud orchestration decides it needs more bandwidth, SDN can immediately increase that bandwidth, Auster said. "Programmable WAN using SDN solves challenges by turning the bandwidth up or down on demand based on application prioritizations for transactions that are latency sensitive, so migrations can complete satisfactorily," he said.

Backdoor found in D-Link router firmware code
Craig Heffner, a vulnerability researcher with Tactical Network Solutions who specializes in wireless and embedded systems, found the vulnerability. Heffner wrote on his blog that the web interface for some D-Link routers could be accessed if a browser's user agent string is set to "xmlset_roodkcableoj28840ybtide." Curiously, if the second half of the user agent string is reversed and the number is removed, it reads "edit by joel backdoor," suggesting it was intentionally placed there.

Quote for the day:

"Data mining is the search for new, valuable, and nontrivial information in large volumes of data." -- Mehmed Kantardzic

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