October 13, 2013

Understanding CouchDB and NoSQL with Jan Lehnardt
In this Hasselminutes podcast, Scott talks to open source developer Jan Lehnardt about the NoSQL movement and CouchDB. Is HTTP too heavy to use for a database? How does NoSQL data modeling differs from classic ER systems? Does Couch matter in the Enterprise?

10 Skills of Effective Data Scientists
The field of data science is a relatively new one, with a growing handful of academic programs making early attempts at setting a rubric. As a result, its definition and the roles it encompasses remains up for debate. There are plenty of broad definitions, but the suite of skills at the disposal of successful practitioners is more oblique. ... A recent post at Data Science Central by Mitchell A. Sanders presents an in-depth survey of the skills shared by effective data scientists in the industry.

AOL Cofounder Frets That the U.S. Could Lose Its Entrepreneurial Edge
“Other nations have figured out that entrepreneurialism and innovation are the secret sauce.” ... In lobbying both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill to ease immigration rules, Case says he tries to lay out the problem in stark terms. He asks them if it would make sense to bring people from China to the U.S. Naval Academy, teach them everything about naval warfare, and then send them home to build the Chinese navy. “They say, ‘Oh, no, we wouldn’t do that.’ “

Leadership and Faith
The truth is, Leadership asks a great deal of us. It often demands that we strike out into the unknown and convince other people it’s a good idea. It asks us to trust that some things do not come complete with scientific or rational explanation. It asks us, too, to believe in our own abilities: the potential and ability of those who work with us; and in the value and viability of our vision, even at times when that vision seems unlikely enough to be unattainable.

Marketing and IT Get Together: The Elephants in the Room
Marketing typically does not understand systems thinking, or the concept of long-term cost of ownership. That quickly calmed the IT leaders down; I made it out of there alive. In fact, there are a number of hard truths – elephants in the room – about how we think and act that Marketing and IT have to realize and come together on. A short list might include:

IBM Hits the Throttle on Big Data Discovery With New Lab
The company says that it will also bring to bear the considerable human talent, with broad domain expertise in such areas as biology, medicine, finance, weather modeling, mathematics, computer science, and information technology. The goal, says IBM, is to provide a nexus of talent and technology to gain leverage on the time to insight in the big data discovery process.

Optimizing SQL Server Memory Configuration
Configuring a maximum value for the buffer pool is the more important of the two settings and will prevent SQL Server from taking too much memory. This is particularly significant on 64-bit systems, where a lack of free physical memory can cause Windows to trim SQL Server’s working set. See the section “Lock Pages in Memory” for a full description of this issue. There are several different ways to calculate an appropriate value for configuring Max Server Memory

Where Agile and enterprise architecture collide
Incorporating architecture into software development "is definitely a struggle," said Fred Albert, senior director of enterprise architecture at Mitchell, a San Diego, Calif.-based provider of property and casualty claims management solutions. "But it's not a new problem that has occurred because of the introduction of Agile. The role of architects historically can be interpreted as being disruptive or slowing down the progress of engineering teams because they're driving toward a bigger vision. I don't believe that has changed."

Template Method Design Pattern
Template Method is used prominently in frameworks. Each framework implements the invariant pieces of a domain’s architecture, and defines “placeholders” for all necessary or interesting client customization options. In so doing, the framework becomes the “center of the universe”, and the client customizations are simply “the third rock from the sun”. This inverted control structure has been affectionately labelled “the Hollywood principle” - “don’t call us, we’ll call you”.

Mission Control and Flight Recorder on HotSpot JVM
Mission Control is the starting place for monitoring, management and troubleshooting, while Flight Recorder is the facility to collect and evaluate profiling data. Both tools have been available for JRockit and are now finally ported to HotSpot after being hinted at by Mark Reinhold in a webcast in 2010 and already announced by Mission Control Team Lead Marcus Hirt at JavaOne 2011.

Quote for the day:

"Your success will be the degree to which you build up others who work with you. While building up others, you build up yourself." -- James Casey

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