September 06, 2013

Successfully Integrating Project-Impacting Processes
If project-impacting processes are not aligned, project risk may increase because a project team may not be aware of applicable policies, standards, or best practices; or due to the effort involved in complying with all of them. To minimize this risk, PMOs can expand their scope to include alignment of these requirements/policies/mandates.

How PayPal Can Succeed Where Google Wallet Failed
Nothing will dampen consumer curiosity and enthusiasm faster than failed attempts to use loudly touted cool new features and services. PayPal is facing the proverbial chicken and egg situation of mobile payments. PayPal says it has been very focused on demonstrating and delivering value to merchants, but only time will tell if it receives the required return on its investment to soon claim “success” with in-person mobile payments.

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: How True Is It?
Culture eats strategy for lunch, culture as the most invisible but powerful corporate fabric, is both 'hard' competency and 'soft’ asset of business. Effective execution of a strategy relies on a strong culture. When does a weak culture ‘eats’ strategy and undermine success? How shall you be mindful of culture? What are the strong culture traits, and how can culture, like water, to push the organization toward the right direction and reach the destination?

Integration on the Edge: Data Explosion & Next-Gen Integration
Instead of spending your organization's hard-earned money on the three iPaaS Research Reports, take one of the two following options instead: Spend a little more money and invest in an hour of Pezzini's time and have him explain it all to you; or Buy & read the research reports and THEN cough up a bit more cash to get an hour of Pezzini's time so that he can explain it all to you.

IBM Database Conversion Workbench, Part 1: Overview
DCW provides the following benefits: Common graphical interface with uniform look and feel for all phases of the conversion; A consolidated process with well-defined steps based on best practices; Faster enablement for client and partner teams in conversion methodology; and Wizards that guide you through all steps of the conversion

Small businesses' BYOD practices leave them one cyber attack away from bankruptcy
"The main thing criminals are trying to do is get banking Trojans into the system so they can get login details for online banking. You don't see with SMBs any kind of espionage, they're too small it's all financially based. It's usually the stuff you can buy and customise, things like Zeus and SpyEye, all those families of malware," said Ben-Itzhak.

CIOs Say Mobilizing Enterprise Apps Is Not That Easy
Surprisingly, 53 percent of enterprise apps are Web-based, so you'd think they'd be easy to mobilize. So what's putting the brakes on the mobile movement? The biggest barrier is mobile development costs, say 65 percent of CIOs. The cost of re-engineering enterprise apps as mobile apps is high because of the ballooning platform fragmentation of the market, particularly the many flavors of the Android operating system.

Google fights to kill email-scanning lawsuit brought by Gmail users
"This case involves plaintiffs' effort to criminalize ordinary business practices that have been part of Google's free Gmail service since it was introduced nearly a decade ago," Google lawyers said in a motion filed with the court. "While Plaintiffs go to great lengths to portray Google in a sinister light, the complaint actually confirms that the automated processes at issue are Google's ordinary business practices implemented as part of providing the free Gmail service to the public. This is fatal to Plaintiffs' claims."

Enabling the Third Platform
In some ways, the move toward the third platform has been foreshadowed by another trend that has been building for years – the bring your own device phenomenon. This trend of employees working on their own, unsecure devices is occurring because they want mobility that their organizations may not provide. In the third platform era, it’s a foregone conclusion that many of the mobile devices involved will be employee-owned and outside the control of IT administrators.

For cloud providers, fraud detection is integral part of business plan
"While cloud has been a phenomenal enabler for legitimate businesses, it's also been a phenomenal -- and I mean phenomenal -- enabler for fraud and fraudulent activity," said John Rowell, senior vice president of research and development as well as global service operations at Dimension Data, a South African cloud and managed services provider. "Fraud is a huge deal on the business side."

Quote for the day:

"3 Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." -- Albert Einstein

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