September 26, 2013

'Icefog' spying operation targeted Japan, South Korea
The "Icefog" hackers probed victims one by one, carefully copying select files and then exiting the systems, according to security vendor Kaspersky Lab, which released a 68-page report on the group Wednesday. "The nature of the attacks was also very focused," Kaspersky wrote. "In many cases, the attackers already knew what they were looking for."

Governance: More Than Just DataWhen an organization establishes its data governance program and the different tiers or levels of responsibility, this does not mean that other important “players” in the organization are not heard. Interviewing a number of experienced individuals across different roles regarding their views on data governance can give a unique perspective on the direction and possible initiatives where value can be added to your organization. You may find that there are similar, smaller initiatives occurring that can be leveraged.

Playing the economics game with IT lifecycle management
ITLM requires that you find out and log exactly what equipment assets are in the data center. Use an IT asset management tool. Many organizations carry out rudimentary asset management with spreadsheets with serial numbers and dates of purchase and delivery to keep track of items, but these systems rapidly become out-of-date as equipment is updated with new components.

Reduce Waste by Changing from Waterfall to Agile
The Agile Method does not attempt to “nail and freeze the requirements” all up front at one time. It assumes that the requirements will evolve and change as the customer begins to visualize their own requirements. ... Essentially, the Agile Method is a series of smaller contained waterfalls. End users and business stakeholders get to see and experience the system as it unfolds.

Enterprise security increasingly challenging, study finds
“Part of the problem is that information security professionals are typically having to take on the work and roles of two or three people,” Tipton told Computer Weekly at the (ISC)2Security Congress 2013 in Chicago. Tipton said the study indicates a shortfall of around 300,000 qualified information security professionals this year, which is evidenced by the constant poaching of the top people in the industry.

Review: Samsung's most affordable, triple-level cell SSD
The new processor boasts 400MHz clock speeds, compared with 300MHz in previous generations, so it's about 33% faster. That faster clock speed translates into a 27% increase in the number of input/output operations per second (IOPS), according to Samsung. The company has also advanced the signal processing in the controller -- a move that's designed to ensure that the higher-density drive keeps the same level of endurance and reliability as Samsung's previous SSDs.

Enhancing enterprise readiness of private clouds
SUSE today announced the general availability of SUSE Cloud 2.0, the next version of the original enterprise-ready OpenStack distribution for building Infrastructure-as-a-Service private clouds. Based on OpenStack Grizzly, it helps in setting up a mixed hypervisor private cloud environment that can be rapidly deployed and easily managed, helping enterprises increase business agility and reduce IT costs.

Oracle Channel Chief to Partners: Master Exadata
"We're rewarding partners for that behavior," said LaRocca. "And frankly, we need more partners selling Exadata. We need them invested and building competencies in the Exadata area. If you don’t have both hardware and software competencies, you wouldn’t have the confidence and ability to do Exadata." At the same time, Oracle has been driving ISVs to optimize their solutions for Exadata -- as part of a broader push called the Exastack program.

CIOs Share How They Made the Leap to CEO
The CEO job has never looked more attainable to CIOs. In today's business climate, the monster forces of social media, mobility and analytics technology are moving tectonic plates beneath traditional C-suite roles. CIOs are bumping up against fellow officers as IT becomes the number-one tool for building strategic advantage. A CIO who can make clever use of data and technology to create new revenue may be well-positioned to lead a company

Cloud Architecture: Get It Right The First Time
First, effective IT managers should map out their organization's specific goals in moving to the cloud, then search for the cloud service that seems most oriented toward meeting them. Unlike Facebook, which publishes the details of its infrastructure, Google offers little information about its own. Google Compute Engine, however, sits on the same infrastructure as Google Search.

Quote for the day:

“Put your best people on your biggest opportunities.” -- Jim Collins

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