September 20, 2013

Day in the life of a data scientist: investigate, collaborate, innovate
Shellman describes the lab’s innovation process as one that occurs rapidly, with working prototypes developed quickly for immediate feedback. The key to idea creation and implementation? Getting out and collaborating is the key, she says. Ironically, Shellman’s favorite tool for innovation and idea creation is pen and paper.

Cloud strategy: Power of the people
Despite the notion of all cloud services as “plug and play,” in reality, implementing major cloud deals—like ones in government, financial or telecommunications firms, for instance—requires real vertical industry expertise and skilled technology service professionals. Unlike when consumers buy cloud services, it’s not “all automated”—far from it. Experience and scale matter when you’re working with big enterprises and the US Federal government.

Gecko Is One Small Step For The Internet Of Things, One Huge Leap For Your Smartphone
The idea here is that the accelerometer-equipped Gecko connects to your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth to help you monitor the various things in your life, as well as bring gesture controls and triggers to your smartphone. With Gecko, the connectedness isn’t built into the devices themselves but can rather be applied to objects in the home through these accelerometer- and Bluetooth-based tags

When Developing Gamified Apps for Business, Avoid the Disruption of Processes at All Costs
Usability and user experience (UX) are core principles that guide functionality, interface design, and interactivity for mobile app and web designers. Gamified apps especially must meld directly into a workflow; If it hinders processes rather than optimizes, an entire gamification implementation may fail. A best bet would be to plant developers within the business environment to observe workers.

Home workers: Get out and meet people
"About a year ago I realized I was slipping into a routine that was keeping me isolated from the real world. I was happy working in my home office but I was missing vital interaction with others. That was not only less than ideal for me personally, but it wasn't helping in my work covering mobile tech. Besides work colleagues, I wasn't talking to folks enough to keep current with the tech people are using and why."

WAN vendor Ipanema Technologies sets cloud app performance platform
CAM has two parts: time evolution reports that paint a picture of how cloud applications are being consumed at certain sites over a period of time, and overview reports that detail where application performance is worst and the number of users accessing a particular application. The platform essentially lets companies provide Quality of Service to users, Piquer Durand said, even for applications operating outside the core network.

Steve Ballmer finally admits Microsoft blew it by focusing too much on Windows
Here's what he had to say, according to Business Insider: "If there's one thing I regret, there was a period in the early 2000s when we were so focused on what we had to do around Windows that we weren't able to redeploy talent to the new device form factor called the phone." Although he admitted the company's error in focusing too heavily on Windows, he's being a bit disingenuous here.

Experts, users weigh in on OpenPower's open source data center systems
"Rarely is a declining platform rescued from the abyss by such [initiatives as this consortium]," Treadway said. "The IBM Power Architecture, like all RISC-based systems, has been losing relevance for years, and it's unlikely that any open source move will garner more than a niche response. This is particularly true with OpenPower, which lacks an open governance model on the core technology."

Business -- not IT -- should make the case for cloud
The true value of cloud computing -- or any technology, for that matter -- is its ability to make the business function in ways that can maximize its growth and value. This means allowing the business to move in new and innovative directions to capture new markets, or to keep up with the market by growing as quickly as the market will allow. For this to work, you need to use technology in agile and scalable ways. Typically, you can't do that with the existing set of technologies and approaches you use today.

What You Need to Maintain Effective Agile Software Development
It is a disservice to the client to impose upon them the requirement of a perfect plan or the acceptance of an undesired result, if an alternative is possible. In the real world, knowledge of the business is dispersed among many stakeholders, concepts suffer from varying degrees of vagueness, and the desired outcome often begins to crystallize after the work has begun. It is therefore more cost-effective to have the right technical talent that can function in an interactive environment with the stakeholder, and adapt the work to an evolving plan.

Quote for the day:

"If you can dream it you can do it." -- Walt Disney

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