September 10, 2013

The SSD Endurance Experiment: 22TB update
We expect flash wear to decrease SSD performance over time, but these drives still have a lot of life left in them. Each SSD has SMART attributes that tally bad blocks, bytes written, and other variables. We're tracking those attributes, and the SSDs are so far free from bad blocks, which means all of their NAND remains intact. The data we've collected also provide some insight into SandForce's write compression mojo.

Berg’s CEO on the experience of connected devices & avoiding the creep factor
Long term it’s Amazon Web Services for connected devices. There are so many difficult things when you try making connected devices. Moving bits and bytes between the cloud and the device is just 10 percent of what you’re trying to do. The rest of it is common developer challenges. Everything from figuring out a password reminder button, to debugging tools and analytics, to fleet management, and all those sorts of things.

eHealthCareFramework - Framework for HealthCare Apps
This article we will see the various aspects , need for HealthCare Framework. The entire framework is implemented for helping the developers to easily implement applications by re-using or extending this framework. The framework purely depends on the third party API's. Most of them are CarePass API from Aetna. One has to register for the API and get keys in order to make of the framework.

Gartner Says Enterprise Architecture Is Key to Driving Digital Strategy
"Senior business executives are challenging CIOs and their IT organizations to be at the front of digital strategy, identifying innovative new business models and technologies, and getting more business value out of each technology investment," said Marcus Blosch, research vice president. "Enterprise architects can provide unique capabilities to help CIOs develop a new agenda for 'hunting and harvesting' in a digital world."  Mr. Blosch said that organizations are looking to grow and improve efficiency of their operations, creating new demands on CIOs and EA.

What's the Point of Creativity?
The best creativity comes from a much deeper place than the desire to win. It comes from a desire to contribute to the lives of others, either by introducing something new that improves the quality of their lives or by showing people that something thought to be impossible is in fact possible. When you change people's perceptions about what can be accomplished or achieved, you contribute to their humanity in the richest possible way.

Seagate wants to put hard drives into tablets
Seagate still thinks that there's more life to squeeze out of the aging hard drive technology, and is releasing a new Ultra Mobile HDD. The drive combines a super-slim (5mm) 500GB 6GB/s SATA hard disk drive with 16MB of on-board cache to deliver a peak data transfer rate of 600MB/s, but this drops to only 100MB/s for sustained transfers.

U.S. and U.K. spies crack BlackBerry BES encryption, report says
Der Spiegel said that to acquire BES data involves a sustained effort on the part of the NSA's Office of Tailored Access Operations, a specialized hacking team based in Forte Meade, Maryland. An NSA presentation entitled "Your target is using a BlackBerry? Now what?" seen by the magazine shows what can be achieved.

Negating network latency's effects without bending law of physics
Although we cannot bend the laws of physics, we can avoid some of latency's more deleterious effects on application performance, using CDNs, TCP optimization and peering agreements. At a technical level, data can readily move between networks, but at a business level, agreements between network service providers dictate what data moves between networks.

It’s Time to Put More Context in Your Conversations
Much of our workplace communication is transactional in nature, and lacks connectivity to the bigger picture. It lacks the critical context that our colleagues and team members need to understand how their work connects to the bigger picture of customers, markets and strategies, and this lack of context adversely impacts performance.

How even agile development couldn't keep this mega-project on track
"Hard-nosed contract managers within large suppliers will see this as a change to the requirements and will often want to charge for each iteration," said John Turner. "Here the supplier can stand to make a lot of money and as such agile can introduce contract complexities. Agile developments need careful cost, time, quality and outcome definitions within the contract so that the power of agile will be of benefit but also impose the discipline on the need to deliver to the targets."

Quote for the day:

"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." -- Norman Vincent Peale

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