September 30, 2013

TDoS attacks on the rise: Who is at risk and what to do under attack
Carriers are equally helpless in attack prevention and mitigation. In this online forum, a customer blames Comcast, but all the carrier can do is activate anonymous call rejection which does little to nothing. There is no way to block the source because it can be different with each call. Using a hosted provider isn't safe either. An attack on one company could even affect other unrelated firms on the same provider, in the case of shared trunking.

Forget fingerprints: Your iris is your new identity
Symantec's use of iris recognition technology for an access control system in a setting where security requirements are high and cost is no object represents a classic application of the technology. "Cost has perennially been an issue with iris, but this trend is quickly changing," as cameras, recognition algorithms and software have all improved, says Ram Ravi, a research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

Datacentres of the 21st century
"While we own the strategy and overall architecture, we don't mandate a particular type of underlying server," Palmer explained. "We do have in our operational and service-level agreements requirements about power reduction and so on — so it is in both parties' interest to have the smallest footprint possible — but we don't mandate a particular flavour of server. "Having said that, in being virtual by default, where something can't be virtual, it will sit on a blade server inside a chassis. ..."

SDN vs Virtualisation: Where is the Synergy?
“The major difference is that network virtualisation focuses on combining a few hardware resources (from one vendor) and presenting them to the application and administrators as one common resource, while SDN abstracts the traditional networking hardware layers into software and hardware for efficient management of hardware and data flow,” says Khanna.

U.S. Agencies Revamp Standards for Cybersecurity Program
"Every cybersecurity professional that comes out of college and takes a job is a win for the government, whether they work for John Deere, Boeing, or Target," says Robin (Montana) Williams, branch chief of cybersecurity­-education awareness at the Homeland Security Department. The country is at a critical juncture "as to where we go next in a world that is interconnected and in which cybercrime globally costs us $388-billion a year. We are losing intellectual property. We are losing our nation's work and our nation's vision and our nation's ingenuity because we are not able to protect it," he says.

Prepare to be dazzled
If you are familiar with Microsoft software architectures, you will be familiar with the .NET Framework. It has a complex set of hooks into the underlying operating system and provides a wide range of hooks to the applications that developers write to sit on top. By writing relatively simple code, developers can produce immensely powerful software. While they understand to a certain extent the concepts of the system hooks they are calling, they don't have to be able to write code as complex as that underneath. The OpenDaylight framework functions in a similar way.

4G cars are coming, but we won’t have much choice in how we connect them
The car will become a new type of connected device like our smartphones and tablets, and like those gadgets our 4G cars will require data plans. But unlike the smartphone and tablet, we’re not going to have a choice on what carrier we buy those plans from. It might seem absurd, but in the U.S. our 4G cars are going to be linked to a specific carrier, just as the first three generations of iPhones were tied to AT&T.

Cisco NCS enables programmable network functions virtualization
The degree of programmability supplied in this case is "stunning and opens up execution models for services that haven't really been possible before," said Paul Parker-Johnson, practice lead for cloud computing and virtual infrastructure technologies at Gilbert, Ariz.-based ACG Research. "One can easily envision localized instances of M2M or so-called Internet of Things application modules deployed as desired in a given service context at any place in the supported network."

10 best new features in Excel 2013
Almost everyone will find something to appreciate in Excel 2013. It's more functional and easy to use. Everyone's going to love Flash Fill. Experienced number crunchers will appreciate the new data model feature. Inexperienced users forced to get more out of the application than their experience really supports will appreciate Recommended Charts, Recommended PivotTables, and Quick Analysis.

Codenvy’s Architecture, Part 1
The Codenvy Platform is used as an engine to deliver, Codenvy Enterprise, and Codenvy ISV. It can also be used to create other IDEs with any branding the implementer desires. This SDK is similar in structure to the Eclipse Platform, but engineered for a cloud environment. It also provides support for developing plug-ins for build, run, test, and debugging workflows, which typically operate outside of the IDE itself.

Quote for the day:

"Sometimes the best way to learn is to return to the fundamentals." -- John Maxwell

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