September 11, 2013

Cloud financial accounting: Not just for SMBs anymore
Not every financial accounting solution does debits and credits. Beyond the general ledger, accounts payable, fixed asset and other transactional systems, there are some other important financial accounting solutions that assist in cash management, planning, budgeting and more. These other financial software products are also moving to the cloud.

NoFlo's crowd-funding effort helps coders go with the flow
Generally, flowcharts are design tools that don't make it beyond the mockup stage, but NoFlo is designed to be a crucial part of how people construct programs written in JavaScript. With NoFlo, JavaScript code modules can be wired together by dragging links from one to another. The idea is to separate the structure of the software -- especially large, complicated programs with lots of moving parts -- from the gory details of various components.

With iBeacon, Apple is going to dump on NFC and embrace the internet of things
iBeacon could be a NFC killer because of its range. NFC tags are pretty cheap compared to NFC chips, but NFC tags are required on each product because NFC works only in very close proximity. In theory, NFC range is up to 20cm (7.87 inches), but the actual optimal range is less than 4cm (1.57 inches). Also, mobile devices need to contain a NFC chip that can handle any NFC communications. On the other hand, iBeacons are a little expensive compared to NFC chips, but iBeacons range is up to 50 meters. Not all phones have NFC chips, but almost all have Bluetooth capability.

The end of enterprise-architecture?
The danger here is that if it does become someone’s role, someone’s job, there can be some unfortunate unintended-consequences. Of these, the most common traps are: the enterprise-architects interpret everything solely in terms of enterprise-architecture itself – and try to force everyone else to do likewise; and enterprise-architecture becomes regarded as solely the responsibility of the enterprise-architects – not as the necessary responsibility of everyone

IT Pros and BYOD Users See Support Much Differently
BYOD users sounded off about their issues with IT. Some were age-old refrains: "Improve IT's availability for technical issues, including faster response times." Others were specific to mobility: "Allow us to access apps which could be used for work so we aren't as dependent on our PCs." For the most part, though, users simply want better training and communication from IT as they find their way in the brave new world of mobile devices.

Smartphone Navigation Without Looking Down
To help reduce the dangers of distracted driving, GPS maker Garmin has come up with the Garmin Head-Up Display, or HUD. The dashboard accessory connects to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device via Bluetooth and projects directions from its Garmin StreetPilot or Navigon smartphone app onto your windshield. By displaying information in the driver's line of sight, Garmin argues it's safer than using just your smartphone for navigation.

New and emerging technology trends carry heavy compliance burden
But, as you're already surely aware, along with their potential to positively transform the enterprise, these emerging technology offerings also carry with them inherent security risks, presenting real anxieties to compliance officers everywhere. We searched our sister sites to uncover some recent stories that explain why some organizations are hesitant to embrace the big four, and share expert opinions on how to tackle the security and compliance risks these technologies pose.

Wireless charging from 30 feet away -- does startup have a game-changer?
The Cota wireless charging system includes a charge-transmitting unit and a charge receiver. The charging unit in the video was only shown briefly, but it appeared to be a pillar-shaped piece of equipment that's about 6 feet tall. The receiver can be either a dongle unit or technology integrated into a device, such as a smartphone or a battery. While it has yet to be miniaturized, Zeine said the wireless technology will eventually be small enough to fit onto the motherboard of a smartphone or even in a triple-A battery.

Big Data Governance - Protect And Serve Are Equals
The mission of data governance, and for chief data officeers, in a big data era has to be about catering to the speed, access and education of business stakeholders to make good decisions about what to trust if they look outside of IT to support their data driven initiatives. Just as IT has established policies to do things more efficiently and managing resource ratios across internal, off-shore, and outsourced venues, so will the business.

Quote for the day:

"For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

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