September 01, 2013

US, Others Criticize New Vietnamese Internet Law
Decree 72 is scheduled to go into effect on Sept. 1. It restricts the use of blogs and social media to the exchange of personal information. Posting of information that "harms national security" or "opposes" the government is banned. Further, it requires Internet companies and providers of information in Vietnam to cooperate with the government on enforcement of the decree.

Capture Knowledge and Make Decisions Transparent in a Design Thinking Process
During the Design Thinking process a lot of knowledge is created and it is very difficult to capture that knowledge in a structured way. Furthermore, you need to re-focus several times during the project. The team needs a basis on which to make and document good decisions. Both needs - (a) capturing of knowledge and (b) having a basis for making and documenting decisions - are supported by an Impact Map.

Suvola Appliance Technology
Leverage the power of ARM Based Servers: 1/10th the footprint, 1/10th the energy consumption, ½ the acquisition cost. An entire computer server on a chip – including multiple CPU cores, memory controllers, I/O controllers, interconnect switches and more; Dramatic reductions in footprint – e.g. four complete servers featuring 16 cores and 16 SATA ports on a card measuring 10 inches long

Service will be the next SaaS differentiator
“My entire career has been spent in the SaaS world, and customers always had very high expectations,” said Gardner. “But it didn’t change the fact that we initially had some growing here to do in the area of what was expected of customer service from our IT staff. In IT, you hire many individuals who are coming from an internal IT organization and dealing with co-workers.

The Best Of Open Source For Big Data
It was not easy to select a few out of many Open Source projects. My objective was to choose the ones that fit Big Data’s needs most. What has changed in the world of Open Source is that the big players have become stakeholders; IBM’s alliance with Cloud Foundry, Microsoft providing a development platform for Hadoop, Dell’s Open Stack-Powered Cloud Solution, VMware and EMC partnering on Cloud, Oracle releasing its NoSql database as Open Source.

Seven over 70
We meet extraordinary older innovators all the time, who after a lifetime of creativity are still solving big problems, generating wealth, or expanding our conception of what it means to be human. Below, in reverse alphabetical order, are seven innovators over the age of 70, chosen arbitrarily, because I am attracted to their lives, work, and character, and not according to the formal nomination and judging process that selected the 35 Innovators Under 35.

Google Glass for Bespectacled Coming in a 'few Months'
"In the next few months we will release a version that will integrate into glasses. So if you are wearing glasses, you'd be able to use this," said Babak Parviz, founder and head of the Google Glass project at Google, during a speech at the Hot Chips conference in Stanford, California, on Tuesday. If the Google Glass platform is successful, "you'll see different optics," Parviz said.

How Enterprise Architecture approach can help CSPs align IT with business goals
After an EA transformation, system availability improved 50 percent and was more predictable, and technology architecture capital expenses decreased by close to 8 percent. With a consolidated IT portfolio, operational costs and time also decreased. Call handling time at call centers decreased by 25 percent and customer experience measures improved by 50 percent.

Cognitive BPM - Making BPM Systems Learn with Experience
One of the key aspects which has remained largely unchanged is that the improvements have been largely around the Process and Technology aspects of the problem, while the People aspects have remained largely unchanged. There are obviously several challenges faced when trying to improve the People aspect, which has led to limited innovation in this front.

Insider Threat: Limit Privileged Access
A hacker or rogue employee can use these accounts to change firewall configurations, modify network settings and edit server logs to hide their activities. These accounts give anyone "god-like access" over the network, Chiu says. Controlling who has access to these accounts and tracking and monitoring exactly how they are being used is a critical part of preventing data leaks and network breaches.

Quote for the day:

"The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes" -- Tony Blair

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