September 05, 2013

Active/Active WAN-based Replication in GemFire vs Oracle and MySQL
The type of replication it uses is parallel replication. Parallel replication spreads the work across servers and eliminates contention, or communication bottlenecks between data stores. Data partitioning breaks the data and work apart across many servers, building in horizontal scalability. Each partition has a replication queue that has one or more redundant backups in case of failure and streams data to a disk store for recovery.

WAN optimizer technologies to counteract data center network hogs
It's hard to maintain fast and reliable wide area network (WAN) connectivity in the face of increasing data center workloads, user bases and real-time traffic. This acute demand for WAN services, combined with more geographic separation between physical data centers and/or service providers, creates bandwidth and latency problems. To address WAN bottlenecks, you can add costly WAN connectivity to the data center, curb network services to end users or deploy WAN optimizer technologies.

No Extract, Transform and Load? Really?
By eliminating ETL with a drag and drop tools without knowing the adverse impacts to enterprise data enablement can land the average project sponsors in to serious trouble. In order to take the best advantage of the data acqusition tools that claim to eliminate or reduce ETL, make sure that the business situation where this can be experimented on. The following are some such business scenarios,

The Five Definitions of ROI
Return on Investment. That's what the term ROI has signified all along. But based on my recent posts, this term has taken on other dimensions, because enterprises look for returns from various dimensions of investment, whether it’s information, infrastructure, innovation, or individuals. The fact that all these terms start with the letter “I” is merely coincidental. It behooves enterprises to take the right steps to realize the returns from the perspective of all these dimensions. Let’s see how:

Fluid Motion aims to make gesture recognition tech more accessible
According to Abhinav, their presentation application was recently used at the India Design Forum by the Indian School of Design and Innovation to showcase the upcoming design school and latest courses in a really immersive and interactive way. It also garnered attention at the Rolls Royce exhibition where customers could interactively design their own Rolls Royce by simple hand gestures.

A Tiny, Boring Kodak Takes Consumers out of the Picture
Boring, however, may prove to be beautiful for a company that teetered on the brink of the abyss. If all goes according to Kodak’s reorganization plan, the company will post $2.5 billion in revenue this year and $167 million in earnings before interest, taxes, and such noncash expenses as depreciation and amortization. It will also have only 8,500 workers, down from almost 64,000 a decade ago.

Championing Telecoms Innovation in the Middle East
Sleep deprivation aside, heading a telecommunications company at this point in history is not a position everyone would aspire to. The stress of second guessing what’s coming and the demand for ever more broadband from limited resources is intense. Meanwhile, industry leaders are making major capital investments in next-generation services over IP networks and want to monetise their investments with new products and services as rapidly as possible.

DataStax Building NoSQL, Big Data Partner Program
NoSQL adoption has accelerated in recent years as customers pursue new ways to manage Big Data applications. Forrester Research predicts the NoSQL market will grow from $200 million in 2013 to $1 billion in 2017. ... In the meantime, the foundation for a partner program is already in place for the open source company. Schweitzer says the intial channel effort includes about 80 partners across six market segments:

'Hash Hunters' Web service cracks password hashes for bitcoins
Hash Hunters is a bit rough around the edges, Gosney wrote. It doesn't use "https," which is a standard security technology that encrypts communication between a client and a server. Gosney, who created an account on Hash Hunters, said it doesn't seem to have a reliable way for contract password crackers to communicate with their clients, the site crashes occasionally and it doesn't appear that cracked passwords can be uploaded.

How cloud computing changes (almost) everything about the skills you need
"Traditional sysadmin skills will inevitably be in less demand in future, certainly in the SME space. Managing the relationship between the business and its suppliers will become ever more critical," he says.
Kevin Leypoldt, IS director at Structural Integrity Associates, is of similar mind: "I am now refocusing on customer service and desktop/helpdesk support as we move the hosting/infrastructure to the cloud. Because we have that skillset already, it's now becoming a larger focus."

Quote for the day:

"The only way to do great work is to love the work you do." -- Steve Jobs

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