September 04, 2013

How to Assess Security Risks in a Scientific Fashion
This advanced understanding from the medical field can be applied towards handling risks that information infrastructures face. Considering information assets to be patients, incidents including hacking and malicious programmes to be diseases, technical counter measures and controls to be medicines and different processes, policies and practices to be treatment protocols, we can draw a fair parallel between medical risk management and information security risk management practices.

How to decide when to pass on PaaS
In the current world of PaaS, you are required to commit to a combination of platform components in a similar way. The difference is that there are arguably a lot more moving parts. Back in the 80s, your platform often ran in a single box, such as a VAX or some Unix-based mini-computer. Platforms in today’s world of distributed computing usually involve a whole landscape of servers and services.

10 Wearable Devices To Keep Patients Healthy
Thanks in part to trends such as wearable devices, the overall mobile health market is growing substantially. Research and analysis firm GlobalData expects the market to grow in value from an estimated $0.5 billion in 2010 to over $8 billion by 2018, significantly revolutionizing healthcare delivery and management. Take a look at the range of devices in use now, from hospital settings to homes.

How Much CSS Should You Have?
According to the HTTP Archive, the average website has 35KB of CSS, and CSS transfer size has the highest correlation to render time. If you look at the graph directly above the one for render time at that link, you will also notice that total transfer size has the highest correlation to page load time. This makes the case for reducing the overall weight of your CSS pretty strong. Based on this data and what I've seen in my own work, you shouldshoot for less than 30KB of CSS on each page of your site (after gzip).

Creating a Performance Culture
Creating a culture of performance at your company is about creating a culture of quality. This is especially true because best (and worst) practices propagate quickly at web companies. Code written for product A is reused by product B. And folks who worked on team A transfer over to team C. If product A is built in a high performance way, those best practices are carried forward by the code and team members.

HR Departments Invaded By Data Scientists
IT must be at the center of the unfolding data-driven transformation. Not everyone has an HR data scientist like GM. Arena emphasizes the importance of his partnership with Bill Houghton, GM's CIO for global corporate functions. "A big piece is integration--ensuring the right systems are connected so we know where to draw the data from," says Arena. "IT has to play a role in that."

Cloud Leaders: Cloud, CXO and Data Conversation with Dana Gardner
C-level domains need to break down a little so there’s more cooperation between organizations, allowing them to propel efficiency instead of slowing it down. A top-down hierarchical vertical approach can be a detriment to agile business. ERP and business apps have traditionally acted as the glue for how business processes can be applied across the organization, and processes can be made efficient around manufacturing logistics/procurement/R&D.

9 Fallacies of Java Performance
Java performance has the reputation of being something of a Dark Art. Partly this is due to the sophistication of the platform, which makes it hard to reason about in many cases. However, there has historically also been a trend for Java performance techniques to consist of a body of folk wisdom rather than applied statistics and empirical reasoning. In this article, I hope to address some of the most egregious of these technical fairy tales.

EMC optimizes VNX hybrid array for flash
The performance gains from this and other improvements of the line are dramatic, according to EMC. With a similar configuration, a VNX from the current generation would top out at 240,000 IOPS (I/O operations per second) and the new version would reach 1.1 million IOPS, Herzog said. The VNX's bandwidth has tripled and its maximum capacity has doubled from 3PB to 6PB.

Network configuration tools: It's not your father's backup solution
With businesses throwing everything they can think of onto networks today, investing in a full-featured configuration and performance management tool pays immediate dividends. When problems occur, especially trouble that's more challenging to diagnose than a down interface, tools that combine configuration and performance contexts can take the headache out of troubleshooting.

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"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it." -- George Bernard Shaw

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