September 27, 2013

Intel invests in Google Glass rival, the 'world's most advanced wearable computer'
On Thursday, Intel announced the investment, saying the "significant investment" in to wearable technology developer Recon will support product development, marketing and global sales expansion. Recon will also "benefit from Intel Capital's expertise in manufacturing, operations and technology," the company says. Intel's specific funding figures were not disclosed.

Using metro storage clusters to manage data growth, add value to IaaS
Service providers may gain significant business value by implementing metro storage clusters as well. They can use the technology to create multilayer data storage packages for customers, depending on which metro storage cluster design they chose to deploy. Requirements would dictate the design, architecture and services to be offered.

CloudPassage Extends Cloud Infrastructure Security To Large Enterprises
Unlike legacy security tools that were built for static environments and fixed perimeters that don't exist with cloud computing, Halo is the only massively scalable, portable security solution that can provide immediate visibility and control over any cloud infrastructure environment, including private cloud, virtualized data centers, public cloud, virtual private or managed clouds, and even bare-metal servers.

How to Overcome the Perils of Caring Deeply
Organizations move toward mediocrity when they silence those who care deeply. Pursue your passion or accept irrelevance. Every initiative, project, department, and product needs a champion who obsessively cares. CEO’s become champions of average when they don’t freakishly care for their organizations. Excellence is a function of caring deeply.

A glimpse into the “Making of IRCTC” apps
Half a million transactions per day, over a million enquiries every day are the facts that prop up when the word ‘IRCTC’ is discussed in the technology world. The numbers are startling and one can imagine the infrastructure that has been put in place to cater to millions of Indians on a daily basis. Be it booking tickets or enquiry on the web (individual users and through agents), IRCTC.CO.IN is a one stop shop for train reservations in India. Users of Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices are the beneficiaries as they now have a native app to look up to for their rail ticket reservation needs

Return on Ignorance: The Highest form of ROI
With each eliminated unknown, the risk-adjusted discount rate fell. Each time that rate fell, the project’s value rose. “Return on ignorance,” quipped Donald Farmer, QlikTech vice president of product management. When the laughter died, he continued, “If you decide in advance what your measure’s going to be, you’re only going to perform to that measure.”

Usage-based auto insurance found to pose privacy risks
With pay-as-you-drive plans, insurance companies typically require drivers to plug in a small telematics device into the vehicle's on-board diagnostic port. The device monitors the vehicle operator's driving behavior and records data like speed, cornering and braking patterns over a specified time period. The information is used to adjust insurance rates and to offer more customized plans for individual drivers. Insurance companies claim that such plans can help substantially lower auto insurance rates, especially for safe and low-mileage drivers.

Smartphones: Transforming society into a sea of stupid
While we can certainly point towards societal detachment with the introduction of radio and television, those were only consumptive technologies rather than interactive ones. The move towards Personal Computing starting in the early 1980s added an element of societal detachment. By comparison, radio and TV could be enjoyed in groups, whereas the PC and online interaction was by nature a single-user activity.

Will the cloud exchange be the next big ecosystem player?
German stock exchange operator Deutsche Börse is set to launch the first vendor-neutral marketplace for cloud services in 2014 when it turns up service on its Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange (DBCE). The DBCE will offer standardized products allowing accredited sellers to contract with any registered buyer in a unified market and legal framework.

Malicious browser extensions pose a serious threat and defenses are lacking
BrowserProtect, another Firefox extension, claims to protect the browser against "homepage, search provider, extension, add-on, BHO and other hijacks." This extension also fails to protect against malicious extensions, the researcher said. Browser security extensions are not really trying to protect against malicious extensions and they wouldn't be able to because by design they run with the same privileges as those extensions, Balazs said.

Quote for the day:

“We cannot change anything until we accept it.”  --  Carl Jung

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