September 15, 2013

Steps Toward a Hybrid Development Philosophy
It’s a completely different way of doing things. People think they know what they want. But, as we have proven over decades of application development, they don’t know what they want. They really know what they want when they see it. The concept of Agile is ‘let’s discover what you desire rather than what you’ve planned.’ That’s a very different way of thinking, and it’s a change for IT associates.

Cryptographers Have an Ethics Problem
And that may be why cryptographers see blurred ethical lines. Code-making and code-breaking have always been tied up with war and diplomacy. For instance, Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician for whom the ACM’s top annual prize is named, was involved in helping to crack the Nazi enigma cipher during World War II, which allowed the Allies to read German communications.

Anomaly Detection Lets You Find Patterns in Log Data
Anomaly Detection combines machine learning, statistical analysis and human knowledge from your domain experts to analyze streams of machine data, detect events in the stream and provide alerts on those events, allowing you to remediate issues before they affect business services. "Basically, we reduce log lines into a set of patterns," Sarathy says.

The Nike+ gamification platform delivers valuable big data insights
Nike did a remarkable step, they decided to share that data with the rest of the industry so that the entire industry can start to populate the database as well as use it to make better decision. The objective is to build a “vendor index”, containing details concerning every vendor including ratings and how trustworthy the vendor is. The key is to turn big data into smart data at the point where the persons in the supply chain that needs to use it, actually can use the data.

4 Hiring Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make
You can teach skills, but you cannot teach passion, a good work ethic and respect for the collaborative process. When you add a lone ranger to an efficient and collaborative group, you can undermine the entire team and the evolution of your company. When interviewing, ask about the candidate's most and least favorite projects. Compare the passion with which they describe each, the effort they brought to each project and the results they achieved.

Cloud industry needs to standardize, says fed CIO
"We recognize different solutions are needed for different problems," said Baitman. "Ultimately we would love to have a competitive environment that brings best value to the taxpayer and keeps vendors innovating." To accomplish this, the agency plans to adopt a cloud broker model, an intermediary process that can help government entities identify the best cloud approach for a particular workload.

The differences in internal controls at each level of architecture
Enterprise architecture is most often associated with transformation. We may ignore operational management for the moment, and focus on transformational management. If operational management ever changes (transforms) and requires a new architecture, it becomes transformational management of some type.

WAN Acceleration Slows Down
These days, IT funding models aim to incur costs on a monthly or quarterly basis to match ROI; a technology deployment such as WAN optimization that requires a year or more to show ROI is likely a non-starter. Some analysts and engineers believe WAN acceleration has a future in hybrid cloud applications, which could perhaps justify capital and operational expenses. But I think dynamic bursting between private and public clouds is an edge case at best, not a mass-market play. Hybrid cloud rarely survives a close technical inspection.

Red Hat Storage Server 2.1 improves geo-replication performance
In addition to GlusterFS, Red Hat Storage Server includes the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system, the single-node XFS file system for each Linux box and a console management station based on the oVirt open source virtualization platform. Red Hat Storage supports file, object and virtual block, but not iSCSI block-based storage.

Include JavaScript exceptions in your server side logs with JSNLog
JSNLog is a logging package, similar to Log4Net, NLog, Elmah, etc. However, instead of server side events (in your C# or VB code), it logs events that happen in your JavaScript. ... JSNLog assumes you already have installed server side logging. It simply passes its log messages on to your server side logging package, so client side log message will go to the same logs as your server side log messages. It will interface with Log4Net, NLog, Elmah and Common.Logging.

Quote for the day:

"If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been" -- Robert H. Schuller

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