September 22, 2013

The next big market for data and connected devices? Agriculture
Alicia Asin, the CEO of sensor-making company Libelium, said in a recent interview that 18 percent of her company’s €3 million (about $4 million) in sales this year came from agricultural buyers. ... Finding the right historical weather patterns that might match the current conditions is something connected weather stations could help with. At a more fundamental level, bringing the data about crops online and matching it to weather patterns could help him select better crops as the climate shifts.

The Skillset of a Big Data Analyst
A big data analyst needs to be able to support the business and management with clear and insightful analyses on the data at hand. This includes data mining skills (including data auditing, aggregation, validation and reconciliation), advanced modelling techniques, testing and creating and explaining results in clear and concise reports.

The Best Online Learning Platforms
Online learning platforms or E-Learning has become very popular nowadays offering thousands of different courses from Business, Marketing, Science and Health. We have listed 6 of the best learning platform, free & paid, for you entrepreneur or not to gain new skills.

How I Got My Team To Fail More
When I talked about the failure metric and freeing the team to become more entrepreneurial, some in the larger PBS organization translated this as the digital group wanting a license to be undisciplined. So we worked to build a digital team that was left-brain, right-brain — embracing the nonlinear right-brain mojo of a startup (entrepreneurial, fast-moving, unafraid of risk) while filtering every initiative through the left-brain empirical rigor of goals, metrics, and KPIs. The KPIs also helped ensure our failures were disciplined failures, not the result of sloppiness.

Want Project Success? Kill the Ambiguity!
This insight about ambiguity is why people not only treat ambiguous, inexact, incomplete, or vague information as insufficient, but actually discount the data altogether. The frustrating implication for project managers is that, as a result of this aversion, people behave as if they have no information at all. Good change leaders must become good at converting ambiguous goals and plans into concrete, specific steps and messages to guarantee the behavior change they seek.

HDMI 2.0: What you need to know
The most important thing to understand about HDMI 2.0 is the increase of the size of the "pipe" transmitting data from the source (like a future native 4K Blu-ray player or PC) to display. This makes possible the increased frame rates at high resolutions. It also allows even more interesting lower-resolution images. For example, HDMI 2.0 supports dual video streams, so you can get two full HD shows on the same screen at the same time.

Big-Data a Big Deal for Executives
The 2013 survey indicates that a robust 91 percent of executives responded that their organizations have a big-data initiative planned or in progress. Of those, 60 percent of executives report that at least one big-data initiative has been implemented, with 32 percent reporting that big-data and initiatives are fully operational, in production, or operationalized across the corporation. Big-data, of course, is a term used to describe a collection of data so large, complex, or requiring such rapid processing, that they become difficult or impossible to work with using standard database management or analytical solutions.

Write I/O Performance & High Availability in a scale-out Distributed File System
Using a “scale-out” storage controller solution like Nutanix ensures consistent high write performance even immediately following a node failure by eliminating the requirement for RAID style rebuilds which are disk intensive and can lead to “Double Disk Failures” and data loss.The replication of data being distributed across all nodes in the cluster ensures minimal impact to each Nutanix controller, ESXi host and the network while ensuring the data is re-protected as soon as possible.

Dealing with Team Members Who Derail Meetings
Start your meeting by saying something like, “My understanding of the purpose of this meeting is X; does anyone have a different understanding, or think we need to add anything?” Even if you called the meeting and set the agenda, this ensures that if people think other issues need to be addressed, they can say so, and have them considered for the agenda, rather than raising them as off-track items.

Microsoft Is Quietly Becoming A Major Player In The 'Cloud'
Microsoft is now the second largest cloud software provider in the world behind Salesforce (CRM). The company's cloud offerings are also a key reason the company's revenue is projected to grow 5% to 7% both this fiscal year and in FY2014 despite a continuing decline in global PC sales. The company does not receive many plaudits for its rapidly growing cloud offerings but they are a critical part of Microsoft's future growth prospects.

Quote for the day:

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness." -- Napoleon Hill

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