September 13, 2013

Model driven development – where to from here?
The modeling community has so far focused solely on building the right kind of business applications from their high level specifications – a subset of how. The harder problem of identifying what change needs to be introduced where and what would be the likely benefits of this adaptation is largely ignored. Models should help capture core properties such as ‘Every credit entry must have a debit entry’ in double book accounting. Then they can be analyzed for their properties.

Oracle finally adds whitelisting capabilities to Java
Oracle added a feature in Java that lets companies control what specific Java applets are allowed to run on their endpoint computers, which could help them better manage Java security risks. The new feature is called the "Deployment Rule Set" and was added in Java 7 Update 40 (Java 7u40) that was released Tuesday.

DDoS Attacks Occur on Average Every 2 Minutes, Security Firm Finds
According to NSFOCUS, TCP Flood and HTTP Flood remained the most popular attack methods, and accounted for 38.7 percent and 37.2 percent of attacks, respectively. Hybrid attacks also became more prevalent, with ICMP+TCP+UDP Flood serving as the most common combination. Increasingly, denial-of-service attacks are occurring from and within online gaming communities, according to a new report from DDoS-mitigation firm Prolexic.

Crafting Efficient Big Data Solutions
These next-generation servers come with high-performance, ARM-based CPU cores, a disk controller, and memory management, making them ideal for massively parallel applications in Big Data. Deployed in high-density chassis, SoC designs require far fewer components than current IT systems, provide integrated, high-speed fabric networks and greatly reduce space and power requirements. By using advanced SoC technology, Big Data systems can be deployed on microserver clusters with significantly high cost performance.

Google's Coder tool turns Raspberry Pi into a mini web server
According to Google, Coder offers a simple platform that teachers and others can use to demonstrate how to build for the web through browser-based projects written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Using Coder obviously requires a Raspberry Pi device, although the tool itself can be downloaded from the web to a Mac or PC — a Mac OS X installer is included in the bundle, but PC users will need to download separate utilities. Users will also need a 4GB SD card to transfer the Coder SD image to the Raspberry Pi.

The Predictive Analytic Evolution of R
R, the open source programming language for statistics and graphics, has now become established in academic computing and holds significant potential for businesses struggling to fill the analytics skills gap. The software industry has picked up on this potential, and the majority of business intelligence and analytics players have added an R-oriented strategy to their portfolio. In this context, it is relevant to look at some of the problems that R addresses and some of the challenges to its adoption.

Is OpenStack IPv6-ready?
After all, when we evaluated the IPv6 readiness of proprietary cloud platforms, it quickly became clear that many, at best, needed a bit of work. And as an open source project, OpenStack allows us to fix and tweak components that are not IPv6-ready. OpenStack is gaining significant traction with service providers and large enterprises, which are both also experiencing increasing pressure to migrate to IPv6.

Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world
The list of Wi-Fi networks and passwords stored on a device is likely to extend far beyond a user's home, and include hotels, shops, libraries, friends' houses, offices and all manner of other places. Adding this information to the extensive maps of Wi-Fi access points built up over years by Google and others, and suddenly fandroids face a greater risk to their privacy if this data is scrutinised by outside agents.

IDC: 87% Of Connected Devices By 2017 Will Be Tablets And Smartphones
IDC is predicting the worldwide smart connected device market will accelerate past 2B units by the end of 2015, attaining a market value of $735.1B.  PCs will drop from 28.7% in 2013 to 13% in 2017. Tablets will increase from 11.8% in 2013 to 16.5% by 2017, and smartphones will increase from 59.5% to 70.5%. The following graphic shows the distribution of sales by platform.

Developer Evangelists Build Community, Engagement for Software Firms
Put simply, a developer evangelist, acts as a liaison between third-party, independent software developers and users and a company's software and product development teams. But there's a lot more to it than that, says Terry Ryan, whose official title is Educational Evangelist for Adobe. "We are the people responsible for bridging the gap between when a product is sold and when people actually have to use it," Ryan says.

Quote for the day:

"Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on." -- Maxwell Maltz

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