September 07, 2013

Despite Sales Surge, Enterprises Still Not Excited by 10Gbit/sec Ethernet
10Gbit/sec Ethernet is an upgrade, but not really the next generation of datacenter switching, the honor for which will go to 40Gbit/sec and 100Gbit/sec switches whose sales are growing at more than 100 percent per year and will make up the majority of Ethernet switching revenues by 2017, Crehan predicted. ... Price cuts did help increase sales, but most of the growth seemed to stem from systems makers and datacenter-service providers whose inventory of 10Gbit/sec Ethernet gear had run low, Boujelbene said in the report.

6 Time Management Mistakes You're Probably Making
Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, calls it "time famine." Your doctor calls it "dangerous levels of stress." The '80s band Rush called it "too many hands on my time." Whatever label you put on the entrepreneurial trait of having more tasks than time, it's a factor of almost every successful business life. But it doesn't have to be. Check your own daily schedule to see if you're falling into one of these six time management traps.

Intel Targets Cloud Data Centers with New Atom C2000 Chips
Within the Atom Series-C processor family the configurations are highly optimized for the target workload – ranging from 2 cores and 6 watts for entry level web hosting, 4 cores and 9 or 14 watts for cold storage, and 8 cores and 12 or 20 watts for front end web tier (scale-out workloads). With the Silvermont modular design, the AtomC2000 can have 2 to 8 Silvermont cores, with shared 1MB L2 per module, or 4MB.

The Top 10 Skills for a New Business Analyst to Shore Up On
Be sure to get your manager’s feedback wherever possible and select skills that are relevant to your immediate success. ... In that case, meeting facilitation could be on the back-burner while you work on your analysis skills and learning relevant software. You won’t know what skills are most important until you ask, but now you have a starting point for having a productive conversation with your manager.

The Personas that Matter Most in Business Analytics
Understanding this context-driven user experience is the first step toward defining the personas found in today’s range of analytics users. The key is to make the personas simple to understand but comprehensive enough to cover the diversity of needs for business analytic types within the organization. To help organizations be more effective in their analytic process and engagement of their resources and time, we recommend the following five analytical personas: (Note that in my years of segmentation work,

4 Million Patient Records Stolen in Second Largest HIPAA Data Breach
A senior vice president from Advocate acknowledged that the sensitive data shouldn’t have been stored on the computers’ hard drives, but instead maintained on their secure network. One of the steps they’re taking toward remediation includes mapping its computer and software systems in order to identify where patient data is stored, and how to secure it. This is also one of the first steps that should be taken toward data encryption – classifying sensitive data and then selecting a proper encryption method is next.

In light of the NSA, how to think about encryption
But rest assured, governments crack encryption. If there happens to be some kind of encryption they can't crack, they don't just write it off. They redouble their efforts to find a way to get inside those communication streams. It is what they do. National security (and often national sovereignty) depends on it.

The Art of Reviewing Code
Arjan van Leeuwen a developer at travel software giant Amadeus, where he mainly works with C++, overviews code reviews advantages and disadvantages, how much can be done in a code review, types of critiques, how to handle critiques and conflicts that might arise from them. ... Reliability and speed are things that matter every day, but code quality is the subject that can really rile him up.

Ten Ways to Kill An Enterprise Architecture Practice
Have you seen practices that you know could kill an Enterprise Architecture practice? Nick Malik has seen it happening. A recent LinkedIn thread asked for examples, and he came up with his top ten which are listed here. He is seeking addition to the list by his blog readers.

What is Software Quality?
It is important to make this distinction because so much time and energy is spent by people arguing over what is and what is not a “defect”. If we define separate terms then we can at least reason about this situation and the fact that individual, teams and organizations often have incentives for classifying something as a defect whether it is or is not. Jon Jagger pointed out in his comment on the previous blog that “Jerry Weinberg's definition of quality is "value to someone" or "value to some persons”.

Quote for the day:

"You cannot build character & courage by taking away a man's initiative & independence." -- Abraham Lincoln

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