October 03, 2012

Windows Server 2012 Delivers Data Virtualization in Delightful Ways
Microsoft describes Windows Server 2012 as something that was “built from the cloud up.” Many of the design decisions are a reflection of fundamental shifts on how IT operates while aligning to a strategic grand unification of the Windows core that has been going on for over a decade.

How to Prosper During Change
Contrary to how many people view and respond to change in the workplace, it’s been my experience that periods of organizational adjustment typically represent big fat beach balls of opportunity for those willing to pitch in and help.

The Day the QA Department Died
 Many QA Engineers are moving from Software Quality Assurance to quality checking positions involving programming and developer testing. The QA team is changing and integrating into a cross-functional team. The walls are coming down.

Why you may want to consider how much you compliment
“What we are saying,” Stern explains, “is that with CEO status, the greater the status, the more flattery and opinion conformity will be directed towards the CEO. And the more flattery and opinion conformity directed at the CEO, the greater the CEO’s self-enhancement.

Decade of the CSO
So on the 10th anniversary of CSO's launch, let's raise our glasses and toast the Decade of the CSO. Security leadership existed before us, and it will continue after, but this has been a magnificent decade to have front-row seats to watch security mature and fight for its place.

Microsoft TypeScript: Can the father of C# save us from the tyranny of JavaScript?
This isn't one man's vision of how to change the products of one company with the objective of selling more of that one company's product. This is about how to change JavaScript - a tool that reaches way outside of Microsoft's sphere of influence and into the heart of the open development community.

Startup unveils cloud-based IPv6 service
Using the software-as-a-service model, 6connect offers IP address management, DNS and Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) functionality typically purchased in the past as a special-purpose appliance or server-hosted software package.

Building a JavaScript WebSockets Client
Create a JavaScript client that works with a WCF 4.5 WebSockets service to receive continuous, ongoing updates from the service.

Big Data's Biggest Obstacles
Big Data can allow us to see and predict human behavior objectively. What starts small for instance, seeing through data how people really eat and move can become massive such as overhauling the health care system to address real behavior. But, there are many obstacles to getting to a good place with it. Here are some of them:

Oracle finally releases pricing for cloud software offerings
While not giving a public price for every one of its cloud products, Oracle's website now has pricing for its on-demand database and Java development service, as well as for some applications.

Quote for the day:

"Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself." -- Richard M. Nixon

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