October 18, 2012

Do’s & Don’ts of Leadership
The truth is – leadership is more of an art than science. You won’t get any better by cutting corners. Even if you know the Do’s and Don’ts, you still need to find the guiding line where you should stop and not crossover. And this, takes years of repeated practicing to hone your skills.

…more than a company, it’s a way of life
Marketing, while primarily intended for an external audience – or so one would initially think – is just as much for those internal resources representing the brand, every day. Because, if you don’t have internal buy-in, what do you have?

Top Five Personality Traits Employers Hire Most
Universum, the Stockholm-based employer branding firm that annually surveys over 400,000 students and professionals worldwide on jobs-related issues, has culled their data to the top five personality traits employers are looking for in job candidates in 2012.

5 Ideas to Reboot Your Leadership Drive
it is the fact that these individuals took the time to re-examine the role of a leader as they always envisioned it and compared it to the leader they’ve become, that drives them to the next level. The clear view to their dissonant behaviors and their ideal leader-self propels the drive to improve.

5 key forces driving open source today
The following five trends are key drivers of today's open source communities and projects. From governance to emerging revenue models, they paint a picture of an industry evolving to see the value of the freedoms at the heart of the open source movement.

Nissan to add robot driving, digitize link between steering wheel and tires
Nissan said Wednesday its new technology will be the world's first to do away the mechanical connection between steering and control of vehicles, replacing it with an electronic one. As drivers spin and twist their steering wheels in the new cars, information will be sent digitally to processors and motors that control the wheels on the ground.

Virtually Real
The most important and biggest step is to virtualise business critical applications, which will drive the real business benefits for any organisation. Here are some recommendations that organisations can follow to virtualise business-critical applications with confidence:

Understanding the parallelism of a Storm topology
In this article Michael G. Noll want to share his own understanding of the parallelism of a Storm topology after reading the documentation and writing some first prototype code. More specifically, he describes the relationships of worker processes, executors (threads) and tasks, and how you can configure them according to your needs.

Data profiling vs data quality assessment - resolving the confusion
A lot of people use data profiling as the start and end point for their data quality assessment and as a result they lack an ability to determine whether the profiling results are valued in a balanced and correct way, significant to the business and reflect the true extent of a particular issue

Don't put all your eggs in one cloud
What’s the best way to ensure maximum performance of hosted apps? Depend on multiple cloud hosting services that have distinct regional strengths, Cedexis co-founder and general manager Julien Coulon told SoundView CEO and GigaOM Pro analyst Kris Tuttle during a panel on day two of GigaOM’s Structure:Europe conference in Amsterdam

Bridging the Gap in Big Data, Cloud and Real-Time Data Integration
Today’s businesses cannot stand still when it comes to data. Market success now depends on speed, volume, complexity, and keeping pace with the latest data integration breakthroughs. Are you up to speed on big data, cloud integration, real-time analytics, and continuous availability solutions? Attend this Webcast to learn more about complete and modern solutions for solving these challenges.

Quotes for te day:
"Leadership is action, not position." -- Donald H. McGannon
"Always acknowledge a fault. It throws those in authority off their guard and gives you an opportunity to commit more" -- M. Twain

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