October 09, 2012

What exactly is a "post-PC device" anyway?
Technologists, and I include myself in this, sometimes struggle to think outside of what they themselves use and need in a separate way to what a "normal" human being needs. As a result, most technologists tend to think of tablets as a "PC Plus" - i.e. a tablet that because it runs Windows you can do more with.

Decision time: Automated data integration tools versus manual coding
Writing SQL integration scripts can be straightforward and seemingly inexpensive -- but data integration might be one case where handmade is no longer best, Sherman says in this interview with SearchDataManagement.com

Creative firms are variance- centric
Productivity orientation brings with it predictability, certainty and hence complacency, which may not be a good recipe when the change outside is rapid. On the other hand, variance- centric firms deliberately infuse outliers, experimentation and hence learning and innovation, quintessential elements to cope with rapid change.

Another Week Another In-Memory Big Data Analytics Platform
ScaleOut software is the new entrant to provide an in-memory powered data analytics platform that integrates map/reduce functionality enabling organizations to achieve near real-time data analytics.

World Can Be Your Oyster
For majority of us who are well into our 30’s and 40’s, this implies significant effort in re-training and re-skilling. It requires changing our mind-sets too, as many of us have resisted being hands-on with technology as we have moved up the ladder.

Clas Neumann: Customers Inspire Innovation
The Indian development centre of SAP located in Bangalore has contributed about 20-25 per cent to HANA development, says Clas Neumann, Senior Vice President, Global Head, SAP Labs. In a conversation with Manu Sharma, he discusses some of the innovations in the enterprise apps space and how IT managers are leveraging them

Can MySql Be Used For BigData With TokuDB?
TokuDB in its recent release scales MySql and MariaDB from Giga Bytes to Tera Bytes while improving overall performance for Flash drives. This helps many applications which run on MySql and MariaDB databases boost their performance.

Will the Future be Written Entirely in Javascript?
No popular language may be as maligned as JavaScript. But its migration to the server side opens the possibility it may become all-pervasive.

BYOD Is Not About Devices
It is about providing secure access to applications and data from any device, anywhere. That is, BYOD is about device agnostic access. The solutions to BYOD are solutions to providing mobility for a number of enterprise scenarios, BYOD included.

Cloud ROI: Of the people, by the people, for the people
The true cost of cloud is greater than many realize. While the cloud removes the burden of paying up to 10 times the amount for self-hosted applications, it is a mistake to think that there are no costs beyond the purchase of licenses and consulting services. Additional factors influence the true cost of cloud investment, including ongoing innovation, governance and adoption.

Quote for the day:

"The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow." -- Rupert Murdoch

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