October 08, 2012

Software testing could use non-IT grads' fresh perspective
Non-IT graduates may be put off from IT jobs due to a lack of technical qualifications, but the area of software testing is a plausible option, because they can offer a different yet complementary approach, particularly if the apps are meant for everyday, regular users.

Enterprise Data Architecture and Big Data
By treating big data as a “one-off” project, rather than an ongoing foundation that provides the context, environment, and capabilities to enable value creation and delivery to the organization…we might be sowing the destructive seeds for another crisis.

Big data matters – except when it doesn’t
If you’re ready to skip past the paradigm-shifting, game-changing clich├ęs about big data and get to the stuff that matters – how it can help you improve what you’re doing today – we’ve developed a guide to help get you started. It’s really a guide for anyone contemplating big data investments.

Predictive analytics go to work
"Eighteen to 20 months ago, we knew virtually nothing about predictive analytics," says Anthony Perez, director of business strategy for the National Basketball Association franchise. While his team members were in fact working on predictive analytics well before that, Perez adds, their tools weren't powerful enough to give them the insights they needed, and the group had to scale up its efforts. So Perez brought in new, more powerful software from SAS and began climbing the learning curve.

Haswell Performance and Power: A Deep Dive
To provide useful insight for both hardware and software developers, Intel CPU Architects Robert Chappell and Bret Toll and Sr. Principal Engineer Ronak Singhal give a detailed tour of Haswell’s key features and improvements upon past architectures.

The No. 1 Enemy of Creativity: Fear of Failure
If you're an MBA-trained manager or executive, the odds are you were never, at any point in your educational or professional career given permission to fail, even on a "little bet." Your parents wanted you to achieve, achieve, achieve — in sports, the classroom, and scouting or work. Your teachers penalized you for having the "wrong" answers, or knocked your grades down if you were imperfect, according to however your adult figures defined perfection.

Politics, not security, behind Huawei, ZTE allegations, say analysts
The investigation's findings could tarnish the reputations of both Huawei and ZTE, which have faced repeated accusations that the companies' equipment could be used by the Chinese government to spy on U.S. telecommunication networks.

AMD posts parody teaser video: Another tablet in the works?
AMD posts a 'spooky' Paranormal Activity-like teaser video to YouTube suggesting that the processor and GPU giant is preparing to announce a tablet or hybrid system on October 9.

5 (more) key cloud security issues
In particular, I see five security-related issues with cloud computing that are critical to the success and security of a cloud-based project--and that are not always getting the full consideration they deserve.

Kiss up, kick down boss
Senior executives are the face of the organization. When selecting them, you need to be careful that they radiate the values of your organization. Your brand image is at stake. One bad hire in a senior position can be harmful to a corporate reputation.

Quote for the day:

"Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes" -- Peter Drucker

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