October 16, 2012

Data warehousing architecture takes logical turn in big data era
Now, though, the expectations have shifted: Instead of one technology replacing another, co-existence between the EDW, standalone analytical databases and big data systems such as Hadoop clusters and NoSQL databases is likely to be the name of the data warehousing architecture game going forward.

EU regulators find legal problems in Google privacy policy
European data and privacy regulators have discovered flaws in the revised and consolidated Google privacy policy, months after launching an investigation into the search giant's privacy rules.

Agile Careers: Beauty
A beautiful circuit design has value for its own sake, and beautiful code can more easily be comprehended and extended to increase its value. It’s not always that business imperative that leads you in the “right” direction: what are the code formatting rules that support your corporate ROI? But focusing on beauty for its own sake may have payoff — at least in casuistic value, certainly in psychological value, and perhaps in economic value.

Batman versus the Evil Definitions
It can be a daunting task to define a simple term, such as “Customer,” but it could be a lot easier (and maybe just as effective) to instead define what these terms do. So can we define something in terms of what that something does, instead of what something “is”?

Ransomware resurrects the SOPA specter
Enterprising virus developers have piggybacked on the fear that copyright infringement and court cases produce for the general public -- using the recognizable SOPA branding to lure victims into parting with their hard-earned cash.

Use a USB key to log in to your PC
If security is a concern and you're looking for easier ways to secure your PC, Rohos is a great option. It's missing an important feature, though: The ability to automatically lock the PC when you remove the USB key.

Leadership Caffeine-Is it Time to Re-examine the Leader You’ve Become?
Growth like every other process of change starts with the recognition that you own the problem and control the solution. Taking time to reflect and re-examine your role and performance as a leader offers nothing but growth opportunities for yourself and for those who look to you to lead.

The problem with perfectionism
Perfectionism can be destructive in the business world because leaders who exhibit this trait might irritate their employees or slow down important tasks. "Perfection is often the opposite of speed," Jim Estill of CanRock Venture said. "But being slow is often worse than not being perfect."

Lightning cable's authentication chip found to offer "just enough" security
In a teardown of Apple's new Lightning cable, semiconductor and electronic systems analysis firm Chipworks found an unpublished Texas Instruments chip that is likely to include a security feature, which Apple may be leveraging to stop third-party accessory makers from building unauthorized products.

Incompatible IT systems blamed for bank sale collapse
The Spanish bank pulled out, largely "because of problems over integrating the two banks' IT systems", The BBC reports. The Telegraph has a teeny bit more detail, reporting a "series of IT problems that have resulted from a lack of compatibility between RBS accounts and the Santander IT systems".

The Process Stages of Data Governance
The primary business processes that enable data governance and stewardship,  ... There are over twenty distinct processes segmented into four core process stages – all of which are iterative and likely encompass many parallel activities depending on the stage of maturity you find yourself:

 Quote for the day:

"You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea." -- Medgar Evers

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