October 06, 2012

Cybercriminals plot massive banking Trojan attack
In an advisory Thursday, RSA said it has information suggesting the gang plans to unleash a little-known Trojan program to infiltrate computers belonging to U.S. banking customers and to use the hijacked machines to initiate fraudulent wire transfers from their accounts.

Swedish websites down after Anonymous threats
A handful of Swedish websites remained down Friday evening there after hacking group Anonymous threatened earlier this week to attack the nation for a police raid on a hosting service that was once home to The Pirate Bay.

NetSuite Announces Two-Tier ERP For Oracle
NetSuite Two-Tier ERP for Oracle is designed to enable multinational enterprises to drive global expansion by deploying the NetSuite to run subsidiaries and divisions while preserving headquarters' investments in Oracle.

A New Degree of Analytic Learning
In an interview with Information Management, Wixom discussed the evolving program for the Congress, the growing responsibility shown by vendors and where U.S. universities stand in closing the skills gap for business data analysts and more niche positions like data scientist.

Intel unveils personal cloud platform for SMBs, consumers
Intel is diving into the personal cloud storage space with a new Atom-based platform targeted towards both consumers and small businesses.

Education, Training Key to Federal Big Data Adoption
Education and training are key to bringing the benefits of big data to the federal government, according to a group of industry leaders who recently met in Washington, D.C.

Apple, Microsoft may be forced to reveal internal documents
The parliamentary committee investigating IT pricing disparity in Australia may look to force Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) to reveal documents used in creating their submissions to the inquiry, as the three tech giants have continued to resist appearing before the committee.

IT Leadership and Career Development
IT spent has to be treated as an Investment which should fuel the growth or contribute to the bottom-line in the form of savings. This can be possible only when IT leaders are also financially literate.

4 outcomes of character-based leadership
There is a difference between attempting a triathlon and becoming a triathlete. There is a difference between teaching a lesson and being a teacher. And there is a huge difference between leading some group or activity and being a leader.

Leadership Truths That Every Leader Needs To Know
Great leaders all share common characteristics which make them successful. They operate based on truths which underpin all of their behaviors and actions. Here are 5 truths that every great leader knows

Quote for the day:

"Innovation has to be ingrained in an organization's DNA, not in a plaque on the wall that displays their corporate mission."--John Miziolek, CEO of Reset Branding

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