October 25, 2012

Managing "BYO" PCs in the enterprise (including WOA)
This post focuses on managing WOA PCs, which are designed with this "consumerization of IT" in mind. Since WOA PCs only support third-party code through the Windows Store and WinRT-based applications, we set out to develop industry-leading management capabilities that support BYO or company-deployed WOA PCs.

What Are They Doing with Big Data Technology?
Clearly, much of the buzz has centered on the open source tools collectively referred to as Hadoop, and my starting point is a review of the self-reported descriptions of those organizations that are using Hadoop. Conveniently, the Apache Software Foundation provides a wiki website entitled “Powered By Hadoop,” in which organizations report what they are doing.

Enhanced Memory Protections in IE10
While socially-engineered malware is the primary way that bad guys get their code onto victims’ computers, that is largely because browser vulnerabilities have become less common and harder to exploit over the last few years. However, as more and more users upgrade to IE9 and benefit from the protection provided by SmartScreen Filter, bad guys have a renewed interest in attacking the browser and its add-ons directly.

Are You Properly Addressing the Really Sticky Issues?
Change-related sticky issues center around certain topics, information, decisions, events, circumstances, etc. that have a bearing on the outcome of important initiatives, but clients are reluctant to discuss them. Instead of exploring causes, implications, potential responses, or resolution strategies, they prefer not to bring them up at all or to gloss over things in a casual, superficial manner.

Cloudera, MapR, Splunk update Hadoop tools
This week, Cloudera and MapR both announced that they are working on new features for their Hadoop distributions. And enterprise software vendors VMware and Splunk have announced products that should help the Apache Hadoop data processing platform work more easily with other IT systems.

Identity Crisis
As a project manager, we often find ourselves asking this very trifling question – “Am I a project manager attempting to assume the role of a subject matter expert or am I a subject matter expert trying very hard to be a project manager?” I hope you are not doing this every morning when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Enterprises, evaluate Windows 8 now (even if you won't use it)
Even if you're absolutely 100 percent sure that your business or enterprise isn't going to roll out the forthcoming Windows 8, at least give it a try, says one analyst.

3 Steps to Building Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is important to earn and hard to keep. I have my favorite brands but am always willing to try a new one. That doesn't mean I'm jumping ship, but I need to know what else is out there. I usually return to those brands that have gone beyond providing a product.

Who owns YOUR data?
Implementing an effective Master Data Governance solution can be tough…you have to deal with corporate culture, getting management support, formulation policies, implementing rules and much more. However, a less commonly addressed question is: “Who will own the governed data?”

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo fix serious email weakness
The weakness affects DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, a security system used by major email senders. DKIM wraps a cryptographic signature around an email that verifies the domain name through which the message was sent, which helps more easily filter out spoofed messages from legitimate ones.

Non-volatile memory's future is in software
Server, storage and application vendors are now working on new specifications to optimize the way their products interact with NVM, moves that could lead to the replacement of DRAM and hard drives alike for many applications, according to the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) technical working group.

Quote for the day:

"You have to think anyway, so why not think big?" -- Donald Trump  

"You can't lead anyone else further than you have gone yourself." -- Gene Mauch

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