October 01, 2012

The Professionals: thoughts from Dave Butler
Here is a featured Q & A from Dave Butler, Director, Corporate Affairs for Grainger plc. on shared services, outsourcing and realted matter.

What’s The Leadership Parachute That Helps You Escape Disaster?
From a leadership perspective, I was left wondering about parachutes. Parachutes are often used in the financial planning world as an analogy to financially protect oneself or ones family from disasters that could hurt them.

Executives go big on learning Big Data Analytics skills
“I need to hire a PhD in statistics or machine learning to make sense of all this new data about my customers”. This is probably what many executives think when faced with the amazing opportunity of big data in their businesses.

Oracle sets sights on an all-Oracle cloud
Oracle has unveiled an ambitious cloud strategy built around an all-Oracle IT stack, but has failed to give evidence that this gives greater performance or cost advantages than clouds operated by rivals.

Data Markets: The Emerging Data Economy
There is also a trend where companies can outsource certain aspects of data management, especially around reference or canonical datasets, to a third party that specializes in assembling and curating datasets or creating value from data in other ways.

Top 10 issues eroding cloud confidence
A collaborative project by ISACA and CSA, the Cloud Market Maturity study provides business and IT leaders with insight into the maturity of cloud computing and will help identify any changes in the market.

Reassessing the role of QA in IT
There are strong arguments that CIOs should reconsider QA’s “back seat” role. This is what’s happening in testing now–and here are some steps progressive shops are taking.

MySQL users caution against NoSQL fad
"A lot of people think they have a big data problem, and a lot of times they don't," said Daniel Austin, who is the chief architect for PayPal. "They have an urge to find a big data solution to a problem, because it looks good."

FreshBooks turns up heat in small-business cloud accounting space
Born as an invoicing solution, the cloud service is finding loyal followers with those seeking an accounting application that it doesn't require an accounting degree.

Testing in the Cloud: Exploring the Practice
Despite benefits, other costs are less obvious and more difficult to evaluate: testing in the cloud requires special technical skills to generate test cases and scripts, and providing and monitoring security might also incur additional costs. In this article, we propose a practical roadmap for adopting cloud-based testing.

Quotes for the day:

"Sandwich every bit of criticism between two thick layers of praise." -- Mary Kay Ash

"When a thing is done, it's done. Don't look back. Look forward to your next objective." -- G.C. Marshall


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