October 15, 2012

US Navy Updates it's Enterprise Architecture Framework to 4.0
Like with all other US government agencies they are federally mandated to have enterprise architecture (EA) established to support their IT strategies and to capitalize on their vast technological assets and make sound decisions about investments in new technology.

Moore's Law: The rule that really matters in tech
Moore's Law has long passed being mere prognostication. It's the marching order for a vast, well-funded industry with a record of overcoming naysayers' doubts. Researchers keep finding ways to maintain a tradition that two generations ago would have been science fiction: That computers will continue to get smaller even as they get more powerful.

How is complexity being killed? - Forth question in Stress-testing your Enterprise Architecture
It's time for the forth of seven questions in stress testing your enterprise architecture: How is complexity being killed? First of all, let's look into which types of complexity we are facing. I can come up with at least three, there may of course be more, but this is enough for this discussion

SoftBank buying 70% stake in Sprint
Of the purchase price, $12.1 billion will be used to purchase existing Sprint stock at $7.30 per share. The remaining $8 billion will go toward the purchase of new shares at $5.25 each. The companies said they expect the deal to close in mid-2013.

Synology DiskStation DS213air: First Take
If network cabling is impractical, Synology's Wi-Fi-equipped DS213air may prove useful. Aside from its wireless capability, it's a capable 2-bay NAS with excellent management software.

India agency petitions for monitoring system
The Times of India reported Monday that a formal request has been sent from the NIA to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) requesting permission to install the system once it is fully functional. The NIA is the agency set up in the aftermath of the deadly Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008.

Top 10 enterprise architecture trends, identified by Forrester
Forrester's Gene Leganza queried his compatriots at Forrester Research, compiled a list of the hottest trends enterprise architects and IT managers need to watch over the next two to three years. Forrester identified 15 trends; here are the top 10 trends on the list:

Don't Sabotage Yourself
A more recent set of experiments conducted by psychologist Sean McCrea at the University of Konstanz in Germany showed that people who were encouraged to make excuses for their poor performance — blaming poor performance on loud noises, for example — maintained high self-esteem, but were also less motivated to improve.

IT Spending in India to reach $71.5 billion next year
Speaking at the Gartner Symposium in Goa, Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president and global head of research at Gartner, said, “India, like other emerging markets, continues exercising strong momentum despite inflationary pressures and appreciation of local currencies, which are expected in rising economies.“

Raspberry Model B now ships with 512MB of RAM
If you have an outstanding order with either distributor, you will receive the upgraded device in place of the 256MB version you ordered. Units should start arriving in customers’ hands today, and a firmware upgrade will be made available in the next couple of days to enable access to the additional memory.

Quotes for the day:
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." -- Mark Twain
"When visibility is poor, turn on your car lights. Not to see, but to be seen." -- Paul Thomas

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