October 21, 2012

House and home compared with EITA and EA
A house is a ‘thing’, an assemblage of means – and on its own, ‘an empty thunder, signifying nothing’. A home is… something else… – a ‘something-between‘ that uses the ‘things’ of the house, or coalesces around or through the ‘things’ of the house, yet in itself is not of the house.

22 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Influence
Some leaders are born; most are made. Long-term, powerful influence is never an accident; it’s always intentional. Experience and research indicates these 22 principles and behaviors dramatically increase leadership-influence.

Cloud Storage Specification Gets ISO Approval
The Cloud Data Management Interface has been approved as a standard by the International Organization for Standardization, clearing the path for adoption among vendors and government agencies alike.

Getting personal with diagnostics and data
One of the biggest challenges in accurate diagnosis is the availability of data. This may be information about the patient’s previous medical history, something that is increasingly available.

Viewpoint: Big data and big analytics means better business
Like the amount of data that organisations store, the value placed on data by firms has grown rapidly. According to new research by Dynamic Markets, for example, one in five of the UK's largest companies now quantify the value of corporate data on their balance sheets.

Kaspersky Lab Announces a Brand New OS Focused on Security
Accordingly, Kaspersky's goal is to build a secure operating system onto which ICS can be installed "and which could be built into the existing infrastructure--controlling 'healthy' existing systems and guaranteeing the receipt of reliable data reports on the systems' operation."

Using the MVVM Pattern in Windows 8
Windows 8 relies on a new set of APIs named the Windows Runtime (WinRT). There are three possible ways (sometimes called “projections”) to program applications running on the Windows Runtime.

Full stack HA in Hadoop 1: HBase’s Resilience to Namenode Failover
NameNode HA is finally available in the Hadoop 1 line. The test was done with Hadoop branch-1 and HBase-0.92.x on a cluster of roughly ten nodes. The aim was to try to keep a really busy HBase cluster up in the face of the cluster’s NameNode repeatedly going up and down. Note that, HBase would be functional during the time NameNode would be down.

Putting Global Cloud Standards on the Map
Worldwide implementations of cloud computing standards might not yet be a reality, but industry groups are making progress in areas such as security, interoperability, interfaces and inter-cloud infrastructure, according to an expert panel discussion held Tuesday, entitled “The State of Global Cloud Standards.”

Quote for the day:
"You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself." -- Harvey S. Firestone 

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