October 02, 2012

5 dysfunctional IT relationships -- and how to repair them
Why can't they all just get along? In many cases it's the tension between conflicting demands on the same systems -- say, DBAs who complain about network performance but refuse to streamline their storage needs or business users who want to roll out new apps quickly, blissfully unaware of the effect they could have on other critical systems.

Ultrabook sales fall short of expectations
IHS iSuppli, in a forecast earlier this year, said 22 million ultrabooks would be sold this year. However, the analyst firm lowered its forecast and said the industry is on track to ship 10.3 million ultrabooks worldwide in 2012.

Exit the mouse, enter the touch pad
While all the touch talk is going on, there's another trend gaining steam in the background. The standalone touch pad, once a very obscure computer accessory (even the Apple Magic Trackpad failed to make much of a splash at launch) is getting a shot at the mainstream, at least if you judge by the recent uptick in systems that include it.

Even with its improved apps, the acquisition of Instagram – which added to Facebook’s already very large mobile user base, although there is of course overlap – Facebook is still very vulnerable in mobile for one very clear reason: it doesn’t have its own mobile OS on hundreds of millions of phones like Google or Apple does.

Data Compression: An Opportunity and a Dilemma
The technology compresses data as it is written to a storage device and decompresses it when it is read without there being any need to change applications in any way. This is, by the way, unique patented technology that is baked into IBM's own Storwize devices, but will happily work with competitors’ storage technology as well.

Philippine cybercrime law under fire, 6th petition filed
Another temporary restraining order against the country's Cybercrime Prevention Act has been filed, as Filipinos protest against its vague definition of online libel and violation of personal rights. 

CIO Guide to Mobility
As people come to rely on their mobile devices and apps for more and more of life’s - and work’s - essential functions, IT must develop the strategic thinking and acquire the background knowledge not only to manage, but also take optimal advantage of this mobile revolution.

Why It Could Make Sense To Get Rid Of Patents Entirely, Even If They Work In A Few Cases
While this may sound similar to Boldrin and Levine's earlier works, this one goes further, and is definitely worth the read. In effect, they argue that not only do patents rarely help innovation, but, even worse, the existence of patents (even where they help) will only lead to the system being expanded to where they do more harm than good:

7 Tips to Offshore Agile Development
Distance, it seemed, would only make agile methods of close-working, collaborative teams, self-governance, and rapid, time-boxed development more difficult.

Opera 12.10 beta brings new APIs for extension developers
The new version of the browser adds the SPDY standard for faster webpage downloads and offers support for Windows 8 touch and the Mac's Retina Display. But the really intriguing changes are under the hood.

Quote for the day:

"Authority without wisdom is like a heavy axe without an edge, fitter to bruise than polish." -- Anne Bradstreet

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