October 05, 2012

Finally the World Wide Web Gets an Update
“It's official: We're working on HTTP 2.0," wrote IETF Hypertext Transfer Protocol working group chair Mark Nottingham. According to IETF, the update will be primarily based up on the SPDY Protocol (pronounced "SPeeDY"), which was developed by Google for a faster internet service.

Gamification is the use of game design techniques, game thinking, and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts. It has proved valuable in several contexts. However, most efforts in applying it in practical terms, whether led by academia or industry, have focused on solving the second of the two challenges ...

Getting Data In: Answering the Challenge of Growing Sources of BI Data
Attend this webcast to learn about the new architecture for a modern BI environment, the critical architectural pieces that ensure successful access to & deployment of BI data assets and about the best practices for providing easy access to data sources ...

Building and Maintaining a Lean and Effective IT Governance Board
Building a Lean and effective IT governance should not be transformational but transitional. It is a major shift for an organization whose only governance is the command and control of the organizational chart. Simply implementing a PPM tool is not the answer

LTE patent pool brings together technologies from AT&T, ZTE, HP and others
Via Licensing organized the patent pool as an independent administrator and announced it on Wednesday. Patent pools are designed to make it easier for companies to license the technology they need to implement a given standard, in this case LTE, and to prevent costly patent litigation in the future.

Load Testing with Custom Performance Counters
Tracking down performance problems in your application can be a frustrating experience. Reduce your stress levels with custom counters.

AMD & Oracle Team Up on OpenJDK 'Sumatra' for Heterogeneous Computing
A newly announced OpenJDK project aims to extend the recent trend of offloading compute cycles from CPUs to Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) with support for a native Java Virtual Machine (JVM), APIs and the Java language. Dubbed "Sumatra," the project is a joint effort of AMD and Oracle.

When IT Services are Free, Guess the Consequences
What do some diners do at an all-you-can-eat buffet? They gorge themselves. What might you do if there are free items at an exhibitor booth at a conference? You might take more than one. It is human nature that, when something is free, one is less attentive to how much one consumes (perhaps even to the point of not caring), no matter what the item or service may be.

Quantifying Cybersecurity Risk in $$$
Register for this free webinar to know more on The Open Group Risk Taxonomy Technical Standard, which is based on Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) and is a proven quantitative analytic model that has been used effectively to analyze cybersecurity risk and express annualized loss exposure in economic terms

Automagic site optimization with mod_pagespeed 1.0!
Catch up with Joshua Marantz, the tech lead of the project at Google and talk about the history of mod_pagespeed, its fast growing adoption (130K+ sites!), technical architecture and how it works under the hood.

Quote for the day:

"The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity" --Tom Peters

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